[Linkspam] Across the Divide

A screenshot of the game Scarygirl, with a young girl main character. She has black hair, an eye patch, a skull earring and party hat, and the game is drawn in a vector style.


Here’s some things around the web that I read, and you should too!  (or not, up to you)

The Lovely, Colorful Platformer Scarygirl Arrives on XBLA (Kotaku): A ridiculously cute game with a young girl as the main character has just released today on XBLA for $15.  It is also coming to PSN next week and will be on PC sometime in the future.  I haven’t played the Flash incarnation, but it seems adorable.

Uncharted: Drake’s Devotion Parody Trailer (YouTube): A trailer about what would happen if Nathan Drake were gay.  In related news, read the Destructoid article about why that would make a whole lot of sense.

Shit People Say, Internalized Sexism, and the Responsibility of Satire (Apple Cider Mage): Though her site is currently blacked out in protest of SOPA, bookmark this one for later reading.  She talks about the “Shit WoW Girls Say” video and the entire meme as a whole.

Why Some Men are Playing Women, and Why Developers Should Take Note (The Mary Sue): “For gamers, an immersive world is what separates the pre-order line from the bargain bin. If I took one thing out of this little experiment, it was this: Game designers should stop thinking of gender portrayal in terms of appeasing the womenfolk and instead utilize it to create amazing stories. Not just because it’s the socially responsible thing to do, but because it’s the only way the medium is ever going to evolve.”

What else is good to read out there?  Leave your links in the comments.

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5 Responses to [Linkspam] Across the Divide

  1. Maverynthia says:

    There’s this game: http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/–P-3FkN43Nt-yRfheefEMtq0RCFbBIC I’ve been looking at. The female protagonist has to save her brother that’s missing. So a reverse of the damsel in distress and for ONCE she’s NOT a ninja.

  2. Noirsam says:

    You’ve talked about the arkh project before.

    But they have a indiegogo page now.


    Take a look.

  3. Matt says:

    One friend told me that in most RPGs, he prefers to play as a woman. Bear in mind, this is a guy who is biologically male, identifies as male, and presents himself in what I would consider to be a traditionally masculine manner. He found that if the gender of the character didn’t affect the story too much, then female characters were usually easier for him to relate to than their hyper-macho, gravelly-voiced counterparts. The typical portrayal of men in games was so far removed from his own identity that he often found it easier to play a woman.
    I don’t recall telling anyone this in this particular frame, nor having a friend named Becky Chambers. o_O

    (but seriously, though, yes this a [arbitrarily selected large number] times this.)

  4. Anthony says:

    Not something to read, but I have been checking out the Noby Noby Boy website and think it is a unique design. The old design was pretty cool as well but I can’t figure out how to access it anymore.


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