Legend of Grimrock and Accessibility

A screenshot from Legend of Grimrock. The top 75% of the screen shows a dungeon hallway. The bottom bar contains buttons with items on the left, four character portraits with status bars in the middle, and six navigation arrows on the right.

A screenshot from Legend of Grimrock, with navigation arrows.

Via my Twitter feed, a bit of good news. A recent development update for indie dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock changed the GUI for the game to remove the bar at the bottom of the screen that contained items, character statuses, and movement arrows. In the comments on the post, a disabled gamer inquired about the removal of the arrow buttons, mentioning that he preferred using a mouse to navigate. In response, the developer added the arrows back in as an optional setting in the menu.

Rampant Coyote points out that this is one of the many reasons to support indie game developers like Almost Human. It’s highly unlikely that a major game studio would see, let alone act on, feedback from one player to make their game more accessible. (For example, colorblind modes are still often an afterthought, if they are ever implemented at all.) As has been pointed out before, adding options that make game control more flexible can mean the difference between being able to play a game or not for certain people. So it’s great to see the Almost Human folks taking that to heart and making sure that everyone can play their game.

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4 Responses to Legend of Grimrock and Accessibility

  1. Llamaentity says:

    This was awesome news to hear about. Developers taking individual comments to heart always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    Thanks for the heads up on this game. I can’t wait to play it, even though I didn’t know about it before today. They’ve just sold at least one more copy! (And it’s been a while since I’ve played an RPG dungeon crawler of this style :P)

  2. Jake Elliott says:

    Reading this, I got curious if there was any kind of standardized accessibility guidelines information for game developers (like WCAG for web developers). It looks like there’s some pretty good information & guidelines on the IGDA Game Access SIG website — http://igda-gasig.org/ .

  3. wererogue says:

    I’m pretty psyched for Grimrock – can’t wait!

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