The Border House is Recruiting Writers!

Now that we have gotten settled and have established a tone and expectations for what posts will be like here at the Border House, we’d love to open up to some more contributors!

Who are we looking for?

The Border House aims to have inclusive gaming/virtual world news and opinion with a wide variety of representatives of marginalized segments and allies.  Right now we are looking for the following:

  • Gamers of color
  • Disabled feminist gamers
  • Transgender, genderqueer, genderless, or any other aspects of gender identity
  • Gay, bisexual, lesbian gamers
  • Feminist-identifying men (who are familiar with the concept of privilege)
  • Anyone else who is an experienced writer who feels that The Border House is the place for you!

In addition, we’d love to have contributors of the following:

  • Second Life residents who are active and versed in all of the great events and associations that are relevant here
  • Active current MMO players (World of Warcraft, Aion, Everquest 2, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, etc.)
  • Inhabitants of other virtual worlds such as Blue Mars or IMVU

What are the requirements?

Right now we do not have any minimum posting requirements.  You are free to post as often or as little as you’d like.  We also do not have any word count requirements, so if you’re someone who enjoys posting tidbits of news or longwinded opinion pieces – either is fine!

The bare minimum requirement is that you are familiar with Feminism 101 concepts and are comfortable with posting from a feminist perspective.  We also ask that you are active in the comments threads on your own post to encourage discussion, and that you’re aware of our discussion policy.

How do I apply?

We ask that all new contributors do one guest post to make sure they’re a good fit for The Border House.  We will post it under a guest account prefaced by a short bio about you.  If we like what we see, we’ll have you register and make you an Author here on the blog and add you to the list of contributors on our About page!

If you’re interested, please email us with the following:

  • Your short 2-3 sentence bio (and website link if appropriate)
  • Your first post.  Should be relevant to what The Border House is all about. :)
  • Any additional notes to the editors that you want us to know about you or your writing.

I hope to see some of you great commenters send a post on over!  If you have any questions, please reply here or contact us.

About Tami Baribeau

Lead Editor and co-founder of The Border House, feminist, gamer, lover of social media, technology, and virtual worlds. Pansexual, equestrian, dog lover, social game studio director and producer. Email me here and follow me on Twitter!
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13 Responses to The Border House is Recruiting Writers!

  1. Gygaxis says:

    Very interesting, going through all the feminist 101 stuff in prep and I’ll try and get a guest post put together soonish

  2. Thefremen says:

    Oh gawd I’d love to write for this blog although it isn’t a stretch to call me a Feminist-identifying male (who has read Feminism 101 extensively and gladly) it IS a stretch to call me a writer. Sure, I’m better than any of the regular posters on Kotaku but so is Orson Scott Card.

    Er, not that I’m a nutball like OSC.

    • koipond says:

      Thefremen, please note that questioning someone’s mental health as a reason not to like them is ableist.


      Not that I’m hateful like OSC.
      Not that I’m like OSC. (without the slur even)

      Just in keeping with the comments policy on the blog.


      Those with mental health issues and their loved ones.

      • Thefremen says:

        I’ve always considered the term “nutball” as a colorful descriptive for someone who holds nutty beliefs and has the balls to sponsor a constitutional amendment will millions to reduce the rights of others.

        I thought every slur against the mentally ill had been used against me by those who felt my manic-depression made me a bullying target in middle school but I fully concede how that word could also be used in such a manner. I will be more aware in the future.

        • koipond says:

          I know this one is hard for me too. Nutty’s just been directly used as a stand in for Crazy (ie. The Nut House). Despite the fact that I know better the English Language and it’s sexist/racist/ableist method of insults always surprises me.

  3. Jayle Enn says:

    I’ve got holidays starting soon, and I could use a good reason to work on my non-fiction essays again. I’ll probably have something or another sent in the next couple of days.

  4. Closest I could come to those guidelines is a rant on why I don’t play World of Warcraft any more. (It’s mostly Blizzard and not so much other players — I kept my interactions with people limited anyway and stayed off the official fora.) Which is kind of the opposite of what y’all are looking for.

    Of course I’m not writing anything right now anyway what with things kind of falling apart around me. It is a bit stressful. Depression and anxiety are bad for art despite romantic portrayals.

    • oliemoon says:

      I have really, really enjoyed your comments around here at The Border House, so if you wrote ranty blog posts about why you don’t play WoW I would totally read them. :-)

      I am sorry to hear your health issues though. :-(

    • Thefremen says:

      Yeah it’s hard to write anything at all, much less something worth reading, when you just can’t even get out of bed.

      • Actually it’s not the not getting out of bed part that’s the problem. My physical condition is such that I spend most of my time in bed already. It’s the concentration/executive function problems that come up when things are very stressful that make it hard to write.

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  6. Kate says:

    I had a distinctly “wonderful” experience this evening at Fry’s that would make a good guest post. Some creeper tryna give me the hard sell on Vanquish, psssh.

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