What Are You Playing Wednesday

Two male gnomes from the intro sequence in Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. They are taking the main character to the Well of Souls.

Let’s take a quick break from this week’s seriousness with our regular Wednesday round of questions:

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of those games listed ones that you want to see covered on the site?

I have mostly been playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I am now roughly 8 hours into the game. I like the bright art style and the combat is incredibly fun. I had originally started my character as a sword wielding fighter but quickly switched her over to a mage and both are viable options. None of the quest lines I have encountered so far have been very surprising, but I did have one or two that I definitely enjoyed (a quest involving Sister Zelda in the first town being one of them). I am still very early in the game so expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

What games have you been playing lately?

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90 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    I finally got around to buying Lost Odyssey for the xbox 360. It is basically what Final Fantasy’d be if it never tried new combat systems etc, and right now, that’s exactly what I want from a game! I’m about 8 hours in, and enjoying it thoroughly, though the female costume design is somewhat dubious so far. I do enjoy the main male character, Kaim,’s bared midriff, though.

    • Ah, Lost Odyssey – the game that makes me regret not owning a 360. I played about halfway through it on a roommate’s console before I moved out, and I absolutely loved it. Combat flows well, the skill-linking mechanic is neat, and the text-based backstory sequences blew me away much more than I expected them to. I still want to finish it someday.

      • Lassarina says:

        Lost Odyssey was the game for which I bought my 360. (I mean, I’ve bought plenty of other games since, but LO was the catalyst.)

        I bawled at some of the dreams, though I do sort of wish that whoever’d been writing them a) had accounted for the fact that some people do in fact read 10x as fast as you have chosen to put the words on screen; b) hadn’t been so enamoured of PowerPoint text transforms; and c) had acknowledged that not everyone has an HD TV. I could barely read them on my old TV. (The situation in C is much improved by upgrading my TV, but the others remain issues.)

    • Lassarina says:

      Squee squee squee Lost Odyssey!


      One of my favourite things about it was how much it felt like my gaming home of Final Fantasy (down to the fact that Kaim shares a voice actor with Basch from FFXII, at least in English), which is of course because the Mistwalkers team comprises half of the former Square employees.

      I also like that it’s very forgiving about missed treasure boxes; for any areas that become closed off (the load-bearing boss destroys the cave, or whatever other reason) there is a means to obtain anything you missed later in the game. I passionately wish more games had it.

      (I also have a serious case of the fangirl for how the achievements are structured and for the fact that a DLC item lets you re-watch any plot you have seen without having to replay the game; so much of this is doing it right.)

      • gunthera1 says:

        I cried over so many of those 1,000 Year Dreams in that game. I adored Lost Odyssey!

      • Deviija says:

        I think I mentioned this in a previous Lost Odyssey thread, but it’s worth saying again: Some of those 1,000 Year Dreams CRUSHED me. I cried. Some of them were so moving and poignant.

        And well, yes, Kaim’s bared belly!

        • Jean-Paul says:

          Oh yeah, those dreams! At first I was sort of “oh great, walls of text…” but then realised they are actually well-written and genuinely moving, and I found myself thinking of some of them throughout the day yesterday while going about my daily life.

          As I’ve mentioned, I’m not too far into it yet, but all the positive responses here make me want to dive back into the game immediately!

          • Jean-Paul says:

            Also, Lassarina, that’s GREAT to hear about the treasure boxes, because as a person with OCD, a missed treasure box can torment me throughout the game and spoil my gaming fun, which is a bit of a problem as I love RPGs. Ace to hear that I don’t need to worry with regards to Lost Odyssey, cheers for the info!

            • Lassarina says:

              Yeah, I have the same sort of issue with missing treasure chests. In that case, I do recommend looking up a guide when you go to the optional dungeon near endgame; that’s the one place I’m missing treasure chests from because I did it first without a guide and I cannot be arsed to keep trying things until I get to the last treasure chest. I’ll just pick it up on a new game plus. :)

  2. Sunatic says:

    Tried Skyrim while visiting my brother. It was, as expected, very addictive. I’ll buy it some coming month, assuming my computer can handle it. If not, I’ll have to save for a console too. Back home I noticed I have quite a collection of freeware games I haven’t even tried, so I started somewhere. Dink Smallwood kept me entertained while my net connection was down, but it’s nothing grand really. The only thing that gave me warm fuzzy feelings was getting to kill the guy who was abusing Dink’s aunt.

  3. lowprices says:

    It’s all about pad-snapping difficulty for me this week. Just defeated the Gaping Dragon is Dark Souls, so I’m headed to Blighttown which, from what my friends tell me, is as lovely as the name suggests. Assuming of course the siren song of Skyrim doesn’t lure me away again.

  4. Norah says:

    Playing Kingdoms of Amalur, Defender’s Quest, TOR and the 7th Guest now.

    I love that I can play the 7th Guest again, but I’m stuck on the microscope puzzle >_>. I know, I can just skip it, but I have a very bad urge to always do everything in a game.

    • Allegra says:

      Urgh. 7th Guest consumed SO much of my life when it first came out.

      I can’t remember the microscope puzzle. The one that always got me was the ones with the lettered tins in the cupboard. The ‘solution’ always just seemed like a random collection of unrelated words to me!

      • Norah says:

        That’s actually how I solved it the first time, my English wasn’t great back then yet, so I just formed the words that made sense first and the solution just popped up after a while of experimentation, seeing it as patterns rather than words (I only knew a few of them).

    • JV says:

      Is the microscope puzzle the one with the green and blue blobs? If so, you have to lose it once in order to win. Because the computer makes no mistakes and starts with a better position than you, it is literally impossible to win against it on the first try even if you make the best possible move each turn. The starting position changes on later attempts, making a win possible.

  5. Llamaentity says:

    Not too much gaming for me this past week, but what little I did was on iOS.

    I finally beat Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery (was waiting for the dark moon irl, which, while not required, was how I decided to do it). It was a thoroughly fantastic game from start to finish, with some truly amazing music and pixel art. Highly recommended!

    Other than that, I’ve continued to play Bean’s Quest, League of Evil 2, Dark Meadow, and started Sentinel 3, a fairly typical but fun tower defense game.

    • SleekitSicarian says:

      Echoing the Sword & Sworcery love! I ran around telling my friends that the protagonist! Is a lady! and got some odd looks.
      It’s got lovely art, too, and I love the way it incorporates things like rotating the iOS device around into the gameplay.

  6. Laurentius says:

    Crusader Kings 2, absolutely love it, best Paradox game in years! So addictive.

    • Deviija says:

      I wanted to like it, but the trailers and information on the game seem sparse. Like a lot of menu-hopping and just moving tiles around on a map. Beyond armies and RTS, is there a lot of societal content and choices and interpersonal relationship stuff?

      King Arthur II is doing the latter parts incredibly well while still doing the RTS stuff.

      • Laurentius says:

        Personal stuff is like the best! You fail at building your dynasty and it’s game over even if you conquered half of the Europe. All characters have different traits ( a lot of them) that impact game, these are born with or can be achieved and lost throughout years, nobles always plots, your family has own ambitions, great stuff, keeping you on your toes constantly. Right now I am playing Kingdom of Navarra that allows cognatic succession, meaning women have the same inheritance right as men, so now I have second ruling queen in line: Queen Aldonza I of Navarra, she is brilliant strategist (trait for military capable characters) and rather keep her power based on cities support then nobles and church, she is honest, kind and just though a little shy person. Her only weakness is that she is a bit greedy. She slowly reclaiming land from Muslim Emirates while trying to keep France and Aquitania at bay. Yep, it’s really that engaging, I mean I am more attached to these characters then to ones in Sims. There is demo available so anyone interested in historical strategies should try it. I highly recommend it.

        • Deviija says:

          D8 <– That's pretty much my expression upon reading cognatic succession. I'm sold! It sounds fun! Much moreso now that I know that it does not solely focus on Kings/Dudes Doing Everything Ruling in terms of governance. That is grand news indeed!

          I'll give it a go!

  7. Terry says:

    I started Syndicate last night. It’s fun, but it’s not anywhere near the classic game. And the text is so tiny I wonder why they bothered having color text at all! I need to go back to Grey Matter and Ghost Trick, but I’ve been a reading fiend lately!

    However I am hoping to get some L4D2 in tonight — or something with my gaming group.

    • gunthera1 says:

      That text issue really bothers me. Is there any option in the game to adjust text size?

      • Terry says:


        I’ve checked around and other people seem to be having this issue, so maybe it’ll be patched? But yeah, it’s ridiculous. I’d love to know how big my tv needs to be to read the text comfortably from a distance.

  8. GarrickW says:

    I’ve been playing some Dungeons of Dredmor, a humorous turn-based indie dungeon crawler which, on lower difficulty settings, is surprisingly mellow and great for multislacking. Until you accidentally kick open a door to find a Monster Zoo behind it (like 25+ enemies all suddenly alerted to your presence) and suddenly have to fight for your life. The most painful thing is being poisonned/cornered with no health potions and almost no health, knowing that you will die within a few turns and not having any way to save yourself.

    Also played through Machinarium over the weekend. It had been a long time since I played any point-and-click games, and just this past week I’ve done Lume and now Machinarium, and I’ve been reminded of something. Point-and-click adventure games are a lot like programming: they make me feel like an idiot most of the time, but occasionally make me feel very clever. I liked that there was basically a cheat sheet built into the game where, to access it, you had to play a little minigame. It was a fun game in all, and I really liked the art, but I felt a few of the puzzles were just too arcane to figure out very easily. It’s probably just me, though.

    • I liked the cheat sheet game too – it wasn’t terribly hard, but it took a fixed amount of time that usually encouraged me to just figure the damn puzzle out myself. The one thing I didn’t like about the game was that none of the objects were ever labeled. [Minor puzzle spoiler:] I agonized over one sequence forever because what I thought was a hose or ribbon of some kind was actually flypaper.

    • menunu says:

      Dungeons of Dredmor seems right up my alley. I will have to check it out!

  9. For the past couple weeks I’ve been finally getting around to playing Final Fantasy XII. I like its combat a lot more than that of any other FF game (I’m for once seeing the level-grinding as something other than a chore) and I think the License Board has finally won my heart away from the Sphere Grid. I’m about to take on the Stilshrine of Miriam, which I’ve heard is a pain, but I’m hoping I’m over-leveled enough to not get horribly mangled.

    The one thing* that could lure me away from that is if I were to finally bite the bullet and buy the Steam version of Dragon Age: Origins. Bioware’s support of Jennifer Hepler and the classy donation on top of that has me inclined to throw money at them. I already have it for PS3, but the prospect of modding the PC version to romance Alistair as a male Warden is too tantalizing to pass up for long.

    (*Not strictly true unless you count Dragon Age as a whole as “one thing”. I’m also in the middle of my third DA2 playthrough as a male Hawke supporting the mages and romancing Anders, and as soon as I finish that one I’ll probably start another character of some kind. I’ve really never stopped playing DA2.)

    • Allegra says:

      It makes me very happy that there are other people in the universe who love DA2 as much as I do. I think I just hang out in the wrong places, but all I ever seem to get are eye-rolling and recriminations whenever I bring it up!

      I vastly preferred it to Origins.

      • Lima Zulu says:

        Same here. People look at me like, “Lol, seriously? The story didn’t even make any sense!”

        Except it really did. I think I could actually effectively use unfounded criticism to that game as a metric for gaging (that word looks so weird without a u, but that’s how it’s spelled! ENGLISH LANGUAAAAAAAAGE) how socially conscious a person is.

        Sort of like how I can tell that my dad doesn’t get satire at all because of his criticisms of Lord of the Flies.

      • feministgamer says:

        For real. I love DA2. And even those who haven’t played it always say “I heard it was a bad game” when I start to talk about it.

      • Lynn says:

        I would not have said I liked it better, but I surprised myself by playing it through more than DAO.

        I think the core story was more interesting, and the characters were well done, but it felt unfinished.

        The world design especially was really lacking in ways that shouldn’t have been too labor/asset intensive to at least hide better. I kept getting lost in dungeons because they were blatantly the same map I’d been to previously, but ostensibly a different location. And then a corridor or something would be blocked and they didn’t even have the decency to indicate that on the map.

        Also, I thought Anders’ choice at the end felt ham-fisted. Not so much that he did things behind your back, but the ‘mwahaha, now you must choose!’ speech.

    • menunu says:

      I just started my second playthrough of DA2 as a rogue (I am usually a mage). I can’t help but rivalmance Fenris again… That elf gets me every time, even when I say, “Aw Merrill you are SO CUTE,” and then Fenris walks in with his badditude and I’m smitten. What a jerk.

      Have you played the Felicia Day DLC? I haven’t done it yet!

      • Deviija says:

        I played it. The DLC was really lovely for its content. I particularly liked being able to seduce information out of a certain dude NPC while playing my DudeMage PC. :) Hooray for male PCs being able to utilize flirting/seduction skills! Normally, you only see this as gratuity given to female PCs in persuade-y dialogues, wth an emphasis on the player’s eye and an assumption the player’s a hetero male.

        The costumes/outfits that the Orlesian nobles wear in the DLC are AMAZING. If only the entire game had that level of uniqueness and fashion. Beautiful!

        Many, many cameo appearances from DAO folks, too. And tons of ‘inside’ jokes and BioWare game memes (like a riff on Jacob’s ‘Heavy risk, but the priiiize’ is a line in the DLC).

      • Lynn says:

        It was a beautiful setting, the mountains, forests and chateau were everything I’d been hoping for in the main game. It could also be playing almost purely as a puzzle game, since the biggest bosses optional.

        Sebastian and Bethany have some interplay (apparently because they have the same writer) and everyone except Merril has a personal quest once there.

        …I actually sort of resented Day’s character by the end for that reason. I wished I could have taken more than two of my party at a time.

    • Olivia says:

      XII is fantastic! I really enjoyed the Gambit system. There was something so satisfying to me at the end of the game when I finally had the proper Gambits/set-up that most battles I could just go on auto-pilot and watch the characters on screen win it w/o me having to micromanage them. I don’t remember the Stilshrine of Miriam, but from what I recall, if you make a point of doing most/all of the hunts when they become available, you’ll always be strong enough to tackle the story sections.

      This reminds me that I never got around to playing the DS sequel, really need to rectify that. >_<

  10. Lima Zulu says:

    More Fallout: New Vegas, since I got Ultimate Edition.

  11. Lassarina says:

    I started to really get into Final Fantasy XIII-2, and while I don’t like it as much as the original, I am enjoying it quite a bit.

    Other than that, I’m mostly taking a break from gaming to read voraciously; I don’t seem to be able to combine the two.

  12. Ermoss says:

    I’ve recently been on a visual novel kick. I started with some of Christine Love’s work (thanks for featuring it, guys!) and I’ve recently been moving on to some Japanese visual novels.

    They’re interesting. I like a lot about the style of gameplay interaction, and many of the ones I’ve played have had interesting and quite excellent stories. (Coming back to Christine Love, Digital: A Love Story may be the best cyberpunk I’ve seen in a long time. And it’s about technology and culture that actually existed. Woo!) The only problem is, the Japanese ones I’ve played have also had a whole bucket of gender issues. Ah, well…

  13. Matt says:

    Dear Esther may have ruined my ability to enjoy FPSes by setting such an ehregiously higher standard of storytelling.

    Also been playing a bit of PixelJunk Eden. Haven’t seen a game capture the feel of being a tiny lone hunter-gatherer in a (comparatively) large world like this since dare I say as early as SimAnt. (the Knytt characters I imagine being somewhat larger…)

    • Ermoss says:

      Ah, Dear Esther… I’m still on the fence about whether to buy it now or wait for the sale. I know it’ll be excellent – I played the original mod (and also their lesser-known Korsakovia) and loved it – but I’m also incredibly cheap.

      • Daniel says:

        I think Dear Esther is worth it, as long as you think of it as like a ticket to an arthouse cinema or a poetry reading, but without the hassle and expense of leaving the house. I wrote something about it, in fact – do people do links out here? Or is that too much of a hostage to Internet fortune?

        • Matt says:

          insult those insults, throwing in allusions, half-made references, and a riff about Saul of Tarsus which walks a line between pathos and bathos

          Okay this deserves to be linked notwithstanding potential unspoken netiquette.

      • Matt says:

        It’s $10 for a movie and a long walk on the beach. Just… no date. :feelsbadman: :foreveralone:

  14. SleekitSicarian says:

    I just started Syndicate. I didn’t much like the original, but then I was five at the time, so.

    I’ve been enjoying this iteration, though. The first-person animations are really…smooth? I’m not sure how to explain it. I like jumping around, is my point.
    More importantly I’m finding I get curbstomped if I don’t actually use the various cybernetic powers the PC has, which keeps me from just falling into mindless shooter mode.

    There’s a woman of color as one of the principal characters, though thus far I’m guessing she’s there to prove the pretty/empathetic fulcrum about which the main character’s redemption turns, which…wearies me.

    She’s also there to make your fellow agent Merit look bad, since he constantly drops sleazy lines regarding her. Metric also gets some cheap mentions of psychosis in his character profile, which seems to be the go-to place for bad writers. Mind, he also shoots civilians willy-nilly, which is perhaps only noticeable in my playthrough because I ignored the civilian NPCs and went rummaging through boxes for ammo while they ran around.

    It’s nice to run around a brighter (visually speaking) scifi setting, at any rate. I do wish you didn’t unlock your powers one at a time as each level rolls along, but I did just start the game. We’ll see if it veers into failville later on.

  15. Chris says:

    Still on Final Fantasy XIII-2. I’m at the point where I could head straight for the ending now, but I’m working my way through the side quests.

    It’s an odd one. I’m mainly enjoying it, but I can understand why some of the reviews were a bit mediocre; it’s certainly got its issues. More thoughts when I’ve finished…

  16. Dejadrew says:

    Lotsa WoW. Got pugged into Icecrown Citadel, which was pretty awesome, as I’ve never been! Wiped a whole bunch on gunship, and only got as far as downing Saurfang Junior before we all had to go to bed, but I had a lot of fun. I’m apparently… developing a bit of a rep for making cool doohickeys with the Gryphonheart Items addon, which makes me want to step up my game a little bit and try to live up to it. I wanna make some quests for my guildies; I know how to make items that only work when you have a particular target (this mob, that player, this NPC over here…); now I want to try to figure out how to make thingies that only work in a particular location (this cave, that pond, this here patch of flowers by that stump…) Also, I’m going to recreate the Dwarven Liqueur Chocolates item that I made and then lost when I switched computers. Because everyone loves booze and candy.

    Finished the main puzzle parts of Super Scribblenauts, apparently. Was surprised as hell to see the credits roll (“wait, I’m DONE?”) but I still have the ‘S’ constellations left, so there’s that.

    I really wish they’d chosen a gender neutral name for the Scribblenauts hero, or went nameless, or used your username. As soon as I had the credits, I bought the ‘artist’ avatar, who kinda looks a little like me, and appears female-ish. But the game text still tells me to “Get Maxwell to the Starite!” Or says “Maxwell was defeated” when I died. It threw me out a little every time, and makes me sad.

    Also, the cheerleader carwash level. Double you. Tea. Eff. That was just uncalled for.

  17. menunu says:

    Aside from Dragon Age 2, I’ve been playing a LOT of Mass Effect 3 Demo Multiplayer on my PC. Has anyone else been playing this amazingness?!?! I love my Turian Sentinel! I really want to try the Asari Vanguard though, so hopefully that will drop for me soon!

    Also, lots of SWTOR. I’m leveling my Sith Assassin to replace my Sith Sorcerer for raids.

    I also just got this incredibly addictive game for my iPhone called Tiny Tower? Yikes. It’s like Sims, which I hate, but it’s kind of cute.

  18. Higanzakura says:

    Hi, this is my first time posting here :)
    I’ve been playing Hakuouki and cleared 4 out of 6 routes in the game. I want to ask if anyone from the Border House have played it yet? Hakuouki is the first otome game to get official release in English so I hope it has a great sale.

    About the game itself, the story is pretty interesting but I kind of lament at the lack of romance. The guys are really cute but (understandably) spend more time with the war and politics than with MC D:

    • Beth N. says:

      I got Hakuoki yesterday in the mail, but haven’t yet started to play it. I’ve never tried a visual novel-style game before, and am looking forward to seeing what the storytelling is like. Not to mention getting an eyeful of all those handsome gents.

    • Zel says:

      I’m playing Hakuouki too, it’s my first visual novel, and I’m only through one route so far (Heisuke’s) but I’m really enjoying it so far! Right on about the lack of couple-y face time, especially because some characters are particularly busy. They will just up and leave. It isn’t bothering me right now as I actually find the canon-couple-pushing from Hijikata to be a bit more annoying. (I’m going to do Hijikata’s route last. It’s long and the guy has a whole TV series dedicated to his route. I think he can wait a bit.) In the first few chapters, I ended up talking to Shinpachi more than I talked to the character I was actually pursuing.

      Which leads me to my only serious disappointment with the game: why can’t I pursue Shinpachi? I mean, why not? Shinpachi’s awesome and hilarious! I’m so disappointed. Word from fandom is that you can’t pursue Shinpachi because he’s got it bad for Harada but it sounds like most of the guys in the Shinsengumi (except for Heisuke, really) had boy-crushes on at least one of their comrades. So, why no Shinpachi route?

      • Olivia says:

        Yeah, I thought the options for which guys you can pursue seemed a little limited, way less than I was expecting. Shinpachi seems pretty cool too, though the first time I seriously talked to him, he was headed off to the red light district so I kind of figured that was why he was off limits…. Maybe he’s an option in the sequels?

    • Olivia says:

      I’m on the Hakuoki bandwagon too, but haven’t played that far yet. Approximately how long does it take to get through one guy’s route? So far I like Saito best but idk who I’ll end up with first. I’m kind of disappointed by how lackluster the protagonist is. Her backstory makes her seem pretty cool, but all she’s really done is whimper so far.

      • Zel says:

        The routes seem to take 4 to 8 hours, depending on how deeply you’re reading, how much you’re skipping, and if you’re listening to the voice-acted dialogue in full. The game has very detailed text-skip settings for new routes, so you can skip over text you’ve read already or if you need to reload a save after messing up a choice. Hijikata and Saito have the longest routes.

        Granted because she’s a dating sim protagonist, she’s not supposed to come with a lot of personality so players can easily identify over her. Chizuru is a little uncommon because she has a name and a face, and a lot of dating sim protagonists, male and female, do not. ^^; Chizuru even has enough personality that she’s hard to ignore and her personality also changes with each guy. Different guy, different Chizuru, really.

        I am playing Saito’s route now and while I haven’t seen everything yet, I feel like she is more demure and a bit slower than the MC I had in Heisuke’s route, who was level-headed, fairly smart, and pretty forward in her feelings. I’ve heard from my sisters that the MC is probably at her dumbest in Harada’s route where she is a partying, impulsive healer-type and that Hijikata’s MC is more of an action girl with a reckless streak. You might like her base personality better in another route. I’ve found that focusing on capturing one guy keeps that variation of her personality consistent while experimenting with other routes in one play-through will scatter her around. If you read carefully following a choice, you can even tell if you’ve strayed off your route by any unexpected changes in her personality.

        • Olivia says:

          Whoa, interesting! I had no idea Chizuru would change so drastically depending on which guy you’re pursuing. That sounds really cool actually, now you’ve got me excited for multiple playthroughs! Thanks for all the info. :-)

  19. Maverynthia says:

    I’m catching up on my Let’s Plays/Let’s Hates with Ar Tonelico and subtitling Style Savvy. Played some Cave Story+ because The Laquidara was playing it and I never did get the GOOD ending.

    Going to poke at “Don’t Take It Personally” that Christine Love game because I’m honestly heard mixed things about it. Some people praise it but I’ve heard it needs a hefty trigger warning for misogyny and homophobia. Only one way for me to conclusively find out.

    • Lynn says:

      Not really seeing the misogyny, but homophobia definitely. On the bright side, it is portrayed as unacceptable and having serious consequences for the perpetrator.

  20. Kimiko says:

    I’m still not done with Dragon Quest IX it seems. Last week (vacation, yay :)) I did finish the game’s main story though. I’ve unlocked the luminary class and am mostly going through grottos (optional, randomly generated dungeons) and doing some of the extra DLC quests.

  21. Olivia says:

    I just Platinum’ed XIII-2, so I’m pretty much done with that game for now (though I’ll definitely jump back in periodically for the DLC). I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed XIII. Very much looking forward to whatever comes next.

    My focus has shifted to Tales of The Abyss for the 3DS and splitting my PSP between Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and Hakuoki. The later I picked up because I am curious about the otome genre and I like visual novels. Abyss is my first Tales game and so far it doesn’t disappoint. I’m not a big fan of the battle system yet but I absolutely adore Tear Grants, the main female protagonist. From the get go she’s portrayed as a highly competent and brave fighter, in contrast to the completely ineffectual male hero. Her VA is also awesome.

    • Deviija says:

      I loved Tear in the beginning. Around the end it gets… hmm… maudlin? And she kinda ends up more caster than warrior… but still, it was good for a while. Tales of the Abyss as a whole is quite wonderful.

      • Olivia says:

        Aww, that’s a bummer. Yeah, she does seem to be more of a magic user than a melee fighter, but I really liked her bad ass introduction into the game and she’s presented as a highly competent fighter in contrast to the main character from the start, so I really liked that.

        • Deviija says:

          I looooved that, too. :) I wish she kept up being badass and the most competent fighter of the group throughout the game. I’ll blab about the game more once you’re finished!

          • Olivia says:

            Sounds good! Also just gotta say that I love the fact that Luke’s design has him baring his midriff for no apparent reason. So rarely seen in game dudes, so frequently seen in game ladies. :-/

            • Deviija says:

              I agree! It is only in JRPGs/Japanese Games that we see this, though it’s still rare. Dante had his coat open to bare abs, Kaim in Lost Odyssey has a midriff, Vaan from FFXII has that outfit, and I’ve seen some interesting skin-baring outfits in the new FF MMORPG, and etc. those of that ilk.

    • Kimiko says:

      Let us know how you like this Hakuoki game, okay? I’ve been curious about these ‘otome’ games I’ve been hearing about lately as well.

  22. James R says:

    I ve been working on Darksiders. Its a fun game, a little bit like a devil may cry but not nearly as difficult. I ll admit that I can’t make much sense of the story, which has to do with the end of the world and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. For some reason angels want to kill me in this game.

    • Merrypetal says:

      Darksiders is great and I agree in that I remember looking up the story online a few times “… so, what is it I’m questing again?!” It did not count against my enjoyment of the game though. :)

  23. Deviija says:

    Mostly I have been toying around with Mass Effect 3 Demo’s multiplayer. I find it strangely entertaining. Way more than I thought I would! Vanguard -> Charge -> NOVA. Enjoy. XD

    I have remarked to my hubby and friends that it is too bad the multiplayer component of ME3 isn’t a standalone purchase. I’d prefer to buy that than the single-player game itself (due to many of the issues I have over how lady companion characters are portrayed/dressed, like Ash and Jack and Secret Companion — it just makes me wary it’ll be more ME2 boobsuits and nipple harnesses for women, Asari strippers everywhere, and meanwhile all men are bulky, armored, and grizzled).

    Anywho! If anyone else is playing ME3’s multiplayer on Xbox, let me know! We can team up and beat on Cerberus! :)

  24. Alex says:

    I started Dissidia the other day, but mostly I’m just working on my Merrill cosplay.

  25. Merrypetal says:

    I’ve been playing a Kinect game called Leela. It has gentle, relaxing, easy movement exercises that ramp up 7 levels, some more challenging than others which unlock as you progress. There are also guided, breathing and silent meditations which I have really immersed myself in and the sound and visuals are wonderful. It is mostly about peace, quiet and energy focus, though the motion sensitivity can be sluggish in some games as they get more challenging. Apart from finishing (I thought) Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga which slipped right into the DLC Flames of Vengeance after an epic astonishing semi-end, Leela is a nice change of pace!

  26. Lena says:

    I finally started playing Mass Effect on recommandation by a friend (having a laptop that can actually run it helped a lot as well :p ) and I’m loving it so far.

  27. yeloson says:

    Just finished playing through the Halo Anniversary re-release this weekend and had a great time. I generally like most of the graphics updates, but I like the older version of Cortana compared to the updated version, since her design has gotten progressively more sexified for male gaze over the years.

    I’ve been poking off and on at the endgame challenges for Dungeon Defenders.

    Also found someone willing to do the last bits of the DLC for Borderlands, finally, which should be fun.

    I’ve been playing a tabletop rpg – Prime Time Adventures, and our campaign is basically an 80’s combiner robot anime. We’re meeting 1-2/month, and we’re hitting our 4th session soon.

  28. Ike says:

    Drawn 2 (spoiler-free review on my blog) and Quarrel, both on iOS. Quarrel is a cross between a word game and Risk. Both games are lots of fun!

  29. Doug S. says:

    I finished Radiant Historia (DS). I thought it was one of the best RPGs I’ve played in a while. I am currently playing SWTOR, Etrian Odyssey III, and, of course, Magic Online.

    • Lassarina says:

      Oh, gosh, Radiant Historia was such a brilliant game. I sort of want to replay it, except that I did all the work to get the “true” ending so I’ve seen most of it several times. But still. *_*

      • Doug S. says:

        It’s also one of the few “modern” games in which I’ve noticed the music. For some reason, I don’t find most of today’s game music to be nearly as memorable as the tunes in the 16-bit era.

        (My favorite theory is that the limitations of the sound chips forced composers to write highly melodic tunes because the melody was the only thing that could be made complex and interesting. Another theory I’ve read is that voice acting takes your attention away from the music.)

    • Olivia says:

      EOIII! I’ve been saving that one until we got more concrete confirmation about EO 3DS, and now that we have, I plan to start it soon. I adored EO/EOII.

      I feel like I’m the odd person out when it comes to Radiant Historia. I played it, enjoyed it and beat it last year but didn’t really feel anything strongly about it one way or the other. Most people seem to really rave about RH, the gameplay and the music especially, but it just didn’t really grab me for some reason. I feel like I missed something really big, but idk what it is!

  30. Ms. Sunlight says:

    More Zeus for me this week! I’m on a real management sim kick at the moment, think I might pick up Tropico 4 next.

  31. JTSpender says:

    Accidentally started Kingdoms of Amalur, which is super fun… this is kind of terrible though, since I’m still in the middle of Saint’s Row 3 and Final Fantasy XIII-2, ack!

  32. pinebark says:

    I bought a 360 about a month ago and have been catching up on a lot of games I’ve missed out on in the past, as well as checking out some newer releases. I just finished Mass Effect and I’ll probably start on the second around the time ME3 is released. My partner and I have been playing a lot of Fable 3’s co-op, which is fantastic for a pair of people with very different gaming experience. Finally, I’ve also been playing Space Marine, which I purchased mainly because I used to be very into the 40k universe. It takes itself very seriously, but if you appreciate the ridiculous “grimdark” theme it’s pretty amusing, and the online co-op is pretty good fun.

  33. Negative Kat says:

    Still playing so much City of Heroes I’m starting to dream about being a supervillain. I wish RP were a thing people did in this game; I haven’t RPed in forever and I’ve got a serious jones.

    Also chipping away at the Decepticon campaign in War for Cybertron. Or, more precisely, playing through Starscream’s stage over and over because WOOSH, I’M A JET! The combat is so blah, but tearing around the levels in vehicle mode is a blast for some reason.

  34. Beth N. says:

    Almost finished with Skyrim. I think. I hope. Making a focus-fire beeline through the main plot, not to mention bumping the difficulty down a notch, has meant I’m finished with Act II in an evening’s play, and I expect to get through Act III over the weekend.

    Other than Skyrim, I’ve been butterfly-flitting between other games. It’s impossible to commit myself Skyrim-deeply to more than one game. Picross DS is great for times like these. It’ll be probably 2014 before I actually finish it, but that’s okay. Even doing 10-15 puzzles and setting it aside for a few months as I have, I’m within 50 puzzles of finishing it.

    • Olivia says:

      I loved Picross DS right up until the last set of puzzles, when the color scheme really hurt my eyes and gave me headaches. You should definitely check out Picross 3D sometime too!

  35. Nigel says:

    So I recently got a Kinect (by finally replacing the Xbox I gave to my cousin) and have been playing the ME3 demo with it. ME3 primarily uses Kinect for voice commands, like open door or directing team members, which is pretty lame. However, one subtle but effective use of voice command is in choosing Shepard’s dialog. When Kinect is enabled, a little microphone appears inside the dialog wheel. Say the phrase you want and Shepard will speak the corresponding line. Unlike the metro dashboard, ME3 has been dead on with recognizing my dialog choices, even if I act them out!

    This has served to create an unexpectedly powerful emotional bond between me and my Shepard. I feel much more involved in the action and have a greater sense of what’s at stake. It’s an interesting experience. I don’t think it’s a feature worth buying a Kinect for, but if you have one and intend to play ME3 I strongly suggest you try it.

  36. KA101 says:

    Well, I got my old copy of Dungeon Keeper 2 marginally-working and am halfway through the campaign; SS2 reinstalled fine and I did OK last night. And the DOS emulator handled Syndicate Plus (yes, the old one) within quite-acceptable parameters.

    Old-school FTW.

  37. Some Star Trek Online with a friend, and more RE:Gundemonium. Someday, SOMEDAY, I will defeat Elixirel without letting her hit me. Managed several one-hit fights, each time getting hit in a different phase, but not quite perfect yet.

  38. Momiji says:

    I’ve been playing through the different specilizations in the ME3 demo and enjoyed most of them. Loved playing as a Sentinel for the first time! Vanguard was a bit difficult though, which made me a bit sad, because I was planning to use my vanguard for my first playthough of the game itself. Perhaps I’ll have to lower the difficulty a bit until I get used to the controls.

    I’ve also played about half of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, which is so far really good! I’ve avoided playing it at night, because the original game scared me so much that I could hardly sleep after playing it until late at night. The atmosphere is very good, and the game controls have been tweaked a little. Some changes are good for my playstyle, some less so. Can’t wait to finish the game once I have time to sit down and play for more than a few minutes at the time!

    My main gaming project at the time is ME2. I just finished Horizong and look forward to playing my favourite missions, those situated on Illium! Kasumi has quickly proven herself to be an excellent companion. I love her voice actor so much! She’s also got a nice look without any kind of boob window, and her look fits her role as a “stealth character”. I also enjoy her personal story, perhaps all the more because she isn’t a LI for Shepard.

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