An Incredibly Brave Story of Cyberbullying and Harassment

I only have a few seconds to post this, because I am in the lobby of GDC getting ready for the Independent Games Festival Awards.  I read this article by an occasional guest poster and full-time friend of ours, Apple Cider Mage, and absolutely had to post it.

In this intensely personal recount of her experiences of being harassed to the point of going to authorities by someone she met in World of Warcraft, Apple Cider Mage brings the reader into the dark, scary, and anxiety-filled space that she occupies day after day, being a feminist blogger and gamer.  Please take this trigger warning along with you, but comment and leave her your support.  Voices like hers need to be heard.

[Learned Helplessness:  A Cage Called Harassment] by Apple Cider Mage

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One Response to An Incredibly Brave Story of Cyberbullying and Harassment

  1. feministgamer says:


    I am going to definitely try the “tell them to stop, and then IGNORE THEM” suggestion she gives in her follow up post. I do a little too much defending of why I feel the way I do, because rarely anyone believes that I’m allowed to. Her ‘notify, document, ignore, then report’ system may be best for my sanity.

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