Multiplayer Mondays #3

Greetings earthlings! We had a full 8 player game of Left 4 Dead last week, very nice to have so many on. We’re sticking to the same format this week but might throw a few more things in the mix next week, watch this space!

To join our IRC, Mumble, Steam, or anything else - the server connection details are on the initial post.

Events for week beginning 12th March 2012

Organizing cross time-zone is very confusing, so we’ve made an iCal feel you can add to your Google Calendar/iCalendar. If you’re signed into Google, it should convert all times to your current timezone – I recommend “agenda” view. We’ll post the events on Steam as well if you join our group.

View our Public Events calendar on Google

Here’s a list of these event times, but the calendar is the gold standard – check that for updates. Updated because kimadactyl didn’t realise EST had started DST – yeah, this is why we have a gcal :)

  • Wed, 14 Mar, 18:00 GMT – 14:00 EST: Magicka with Llamaentity.
  • Thu, 15 Mar, 00:00 GMT – Wed, 14 Mar, 20:00 EST: Dota 2 with Kimadactyl.
  • Thu, 15 March, 22:00 GMT – 18:00 EST: Left4Dead 2 with Llamaentity and Kimadactyl
  • Fri 16 March, 17:00 GMT – 13:00 EST  and,
  • Sat 17th March 0800 GMT – 0400 EST: Guild Wars with SerCorbiuGeisha and Dee. This will hopefully be a joint operation with the lovely people at Praxis; however this is TBC, and will confirm asap!

For MagickaDota 2 and Left4Dead 2, join our Steam group chatroom. To do this go to the “Groups” tab on your friends list, click the arrow next to “The Border House” group and click “Join Group Chatroom”. We will start the game from there. For Dota 2, we will also be in Mumble as soon as possible.

For Guild Wars, join our IRC, and we will add you to the clan guild as soon as possible.

23 thoughts on “Multiplayer Mondays #3”

  1. Wondering if there are some PC peeps that want to play some ME3 multiplayer? I played on the weekend and like it a fair bit. I have a 20 Enginner, a 13 Vanguard and have been doing Silver missions, but would totally do Bronze/start a new character.

    1. I’d be up for it, but unfortunately I’m on an Xbox. Would be willing to trade gamertags w/any other Xbox players out there looking for people to play MP with.

        1. Cool! Always nice to find new people to play with. My gamertag is ccpancho for your reference (and any other Border House readers who want to play MP on Xbox).

    2. I’d definitely be up for ME3 MP. I’ve got a L18 Infiltrator and some low-level characters I’ve picked up with the item packs. Can’t say I’m particularly great at it, mind :P

    3. Deffo Twyst. I’m having router issues and struggling to connect to people but up for doing this next week. What nights/times are good for you?

      1. I have been playing ME3 every night so far, so it just depends who is on. Generally i am around at 5:00pm EST – ? I have been bouncing between solo and MP since i am not done the game yet.

    4. I wouldn’t mind. I’m having quite a lot of fun with ME3 multiplayer, although I’m not very good at it!

    5. Gygaxis on origin. I’m probably not going to be on/playing much for a week or two as I’ve got some RL stuff that is getting taken care of but if I’m around I’m totally stoked to play with great people.

  2. Magicka will be at 2pm EST on Wednesday, and Left4Dead 2 will be at 6pm EST on Thursday ^.^ (DST switch occurred for my EST timezone already, but not GMT as far as I am aware, so the GMT times listed for these two events should still be as noted above)

    1. Can one of the editors please adjust the times listed in the main post for Magicka to be 2pm EST on Wednesday, and Left4Dead 2 to be 6pm EST on Thursday?

      If that’s possible, I would greatly appreciate it. Just don’t want people to show up an hour early and wonder why I’m not online :c

      1. Hey sorry I missed this but looks like Tami’s fixed it! Had a friend the last coupla days so been offline.

  3. Count me in as someone interested in TF2. I just got into it and it would be great to play with some like-minded (read: not misogynistic/LGBTQ-phobic) people. Join me in insisting Pyro’s a woman and Spy’s genderqueer!

    1. The problem with TF2 is we really need a server – hard to guarantee lack of trolls on a pub server. Watch this space though!

      1. Yeah, that’s understandable–it’s been hit or miss for me so far re:trolls. Granted, I’ve been keeping voice chat completely muted, and it would be great to not have to do that. I’ll look into the server thing–no promises, but maybe this is something I can take care of myself.

        Thanks for friending me on Steam, btw. :)

  4. Does anyone play DCUO? I could really use a few people to group with that are not abysmal misogynists or homophobes. I’m a villain.

  5. Playing ME3 multiplayer on XBOX. If anyone else is playing on the Xbox and wants to run around shooting geth and flailing at the one-button-does-everything mechanic, then feel free to add me on there. Deviija. :3

  6. I’d like to take part in some of these events, I think it’s a really cool idea. A bit worried though as I’m not super-amazing at the games I’d like to play and I don’t want to get on anyone’s nerves or get flamed for being a noob etc, heh.

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