Mass Effect 3 multiplayer screenshot

Multiplayer Mondays #4

Hello again! This week we’re introducing a Mass Effect 3 session by popular request. I have no idea how Origin works with regards to chatrooms and the like, so happy to take suggestions on the best way to organize this – for now though, just join our IRC. If we get more than 4 people we can split into two groups.

We also had a nice crowd sourcing session this week sorting through your favourite games from our readers’ survey – watch this space!

To join our IRC, Mumble, Steam, or anything else - the server connection details are on the initial post.

Events for week beginning 19th March 2012

Organizing cross time-zone is very confusing, so we’ve made an iCal feel you can add to your Google Calendar/iCalendar. If you’re signed into Google, it should convert all times to your current timezone – I recommend “agenda” view. We’ll post the events on Steam as well if you join our group.

View our Public Events calendar on Google

Here’s a list of these event times, but the calendar is the gold standard – check that for updates. 

  • Wed, 21 Mar, 00:00 GMT – Tue, 20 Mar, 20:00 EST: Dota 2 with Kimadactyl.
  • Wed, 21 Mar, 23:00 GMT – Tue, 20 Mar, 19:00 EST: Mass Effect 3 with Kimadactyl.
  • Thu, 22 March, 22:00 GMT – 18:00 EST: Left4Dead 2 with Llamaentity.
  • Fri 23 March, 23:00 GMT – 19:00 EST  and,
  • Sat 24th March 04:00 GMT – 00:00 EST: Guild Wars with SerCorbiuGeisha and Dee.

Dota 2 and Left4Dead 2, join our Steam group chatroom. To do this go to the “Groups” tab on your friends list, click the arrow next to “The Border House” group and click “Join Group Chatroom”. We will start the game from there. For Dota 2, we will also be in Mumble as soon as possible.

For Guild Wars, join our IRC, and we will add you to the clan guild as soon as possible.

For Mass Effect 3, join our IRC or share your Origin ID down below and we’ll sort something out on the night?

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer screenshot

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer screenshot

18 thoughts on “Multiplayer Mondays #4”

  1. This time I will actually try to make the dota2 night. Also, if you need another for ME3, I’m up for a few rounds. I’m jobiasrkd on origin.

  2. For our friends on the Western Hemisphere, if you wish to participate in the Guild Wars night, please give your opinion on the timing :D

  3. I plan to make it to the GW night at 00:00 EST. :)

    Question about the guild: does the TBH guild just have capes, or are you all working towards a Guild Hall, filling it, etc.?

    1. Not sure about TBH’s official guild, but Praxis has a kitted-out Hall (I think we’re missing the skill trainer, but that’s it) TBHers are welcome to use.

      /me reminds self to talk to Ser about that Alliance…

    2. We already have a cape, but we don’t have a guild hall yet. Working towards it, and I hope to be able to put the choice of hall to a vote but that’s a little hard to organise.

  4. I mentioned this is the “What Are You Playing” thread, but would anyone be interested in playing League of Legends?

    1. I would play, but I am really accustomed to dota2 at the moment so I will likely be terrible. Also, if you seem to be hugging friendly creeps on occasion, that would be me forgetting that I can’t deny. :P

      1. I’m also terrible but could play. We don’t quite have that critical mass in IRC yet where there’s always enough for a game, but there certainly seems to be more LoL players – I’ve played about 10 games ever though!

        Come along tho and say hi – if I can find someone to take it on, I’ll put a LoL up next week.

        1. I don’t mind starting a game if I know who might want to play and what times work for them. My time’s pretty limited until May (when school’s out), but I’d love to find Borderhouse folks to play with.

          As for LoL v. Dota, I tend to prefer LoL because there’s a lot more action in the laning phase and it’s a lot harder for one person to farm heavily and steamroll the other team. And denying…. ugh. But I applied for the beta, so if I get an invite maybe I can try to play dota2 with y’all sometime soon, too.

  5. I’m off sick from work with flu, so don’t have the necessary twitchiness for online gaming. (I’m barely alert enough to lie under a blanket and watch Judge Judy.) If anyone’s still interested in ME3 next week though I’ll be up for it. Ms_Sunlight on Origin.

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