WoW: Female Pandaren revealed

A black and white female Pandaren avatar.  She appears fully clothed in rogue-like clothing, short of stature not dissimilar to the WoW female dwarves.


The NDA dropped last night at midnight PST for the next World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria.  WoW Insider naturally has all of the news nicely consolidated as usual, but one thing in particular that stood out to me was the female character model for the new Pandaren race.  I have been away from WoW for many months, but all of this news has gotten me somewhat excited about the expansion.  I even patched up my WoW client and I’m preparing to log in and see the sights again.

Female red pandaren avatar, feminine yet not sexualized wearing a green leather vest and patched leather pants.


I’m curious to hear what you all think of the Pandaren female model, and if you’re still playing WoW or planning to play WoW when this expansion hits?

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17 Responses to WoW: Female Pandaren revealed

  1. Nonny says:

    I’m actually fairly pleased with the Pandaren women. I love that they have some amount of a belly, and they’re round, and while they could have been rounder, I think overall they did a good job. Not as pleased with the face, but it was mentioned elsewhere that there will be multiple faces to choose from; they only had one ready for the press release. (Which — YAY. I was so worried they were going to pull a Worgen.)

  2. Lantana says:

    I adore what they’ve done with these female Pandarens, and it strikes me that WoW is moving in better and better directions with its female characters. I recently played the now free-to-play EverQuest for the first time and my appreciation for WoW’s character designs only deepened. The gratuitous naked/chesty/bouncy females in EQ were in stark (and annoying as hell) contrast to even the most sexualized of WoW females (e.g., those bouncy Night Elves). Don’t even get me started on the fortunately short-lived appallingness of the female characters in Age of Conan… Apologies to my EQ sisters and brothers, but the art for women characters in there really is awful.

    It really made me happy to see more of the curvy but not barbie-style toons (much like my beloved troll female) that manage to hit the right combination of cute and curvy, feminine but not sexualized, as you point out. I do like a little more kick-ass in my toons, I confess, so maybe there will be a fierce face to give it that kick.

    Here’s hopin’!

  3. Well…I can understand why some people are disappointed.  Hell, I’ve got a few minor complaints myself.

    However, the fact remains that she exceeds my expectations.  So I can also understand why people are jazzed about her.

  4. Korva says:

    Compared to the absolutely abhorrent “cute little furry sex-fetish” female worgen model which was one of the worst kicks in the teeth in WoW history when it comes to models, this one is actually decent. Reminds me a bit of the female dwarves, whom I loved and so did many of my guildies (male and female alike) because they can be made to look quite kickass and aren’t painfully scrawny.

    I’m never going back, though. As I said before, I miss my guildies and our RP as well as OOC silliness fiercely, but Blizzard has pulled far, far too much raw shit and shown sub-zero inclination to change for the better in all the areas that matter to me. Pandaria is only set to continue that.

  5. Anjasa says:

    Truthfully, I’d be surprised if that was the final model. WoW doesn’t have a great track record of not pushing female models to the back burner, and female worgens were still broken at the launch of Cata after them completely revamping them a couple weeks before launch.

    I have no interest in Pandarens, though.

  6. Samantha says:

    I tend to be more of a fair weather WoW player these days. I go back in when a new expansion comes out and I play for a few months and then I am on to other things. I’m fine with that because I really don’t play any other MMOs. Nothing has sucked me in or held my interest like WoW in a very long time. That being said…I am excited for Pandarens and can’t wait to role a new class!!

  7. Mazed says:

    I absolutely love them, and there’s actually been a large wave of positive feedback on the official WoW forums, which is not something you often see. We still need to see how they’re animated, but I have every intention of playing one myself when this expansion comes out.

  8. gunthera1 says:

    I still play WoW and will continue to do so with Mists of Pandaria. I really like that female model. I was worried about how they would look but those models look good to me!

  9. washuuchan says:

    Oh wow, it looks really nice and interesting. For the first time I actually regret never playing wow haha.

  10. Corbiu Geisha says:

    That actually looks a lot better than I expected although I have a quibble. Why do panda have breasts?

    • They’re humanoid Pandas, not actual Pandas. Fantasy biology can get confusing fast.

    • Korva says:

      1) Because tits are “sexy” and being “sexy” is what defines being female.

      2) Because the “typical gamer” (and “typical developer”?) needs something to wank off to.

      3) Because there must be no risk of mistaking a man for a woman or vice versa, ever, unless it’s played for misogynistic, homophobic and/or transphobic “laughs”.

      Ugh, major cynicism mode so early in the morning.

  11. Ike says:

    Pleasantly surprised. Still not going back to WoW, though, because I’ve had enough of the endgame brofest.

  12. Mim says:

    I’m a bit miffed overall that they had to reveal the female model months after revealing the race itself (that is, the male model that is apparently the norm). I also wish that it had been a little less a recolored dwarf, since there is now still only one version of a woman who isn’t tall and slender on the Alliance side. Other than that though, they’re fantastic. I’m not very happy with the aimless grinding style of gaming, but if anything can lure me back, it’s the new expansion.

  13. Not going back to WoW; I quit years ago. I like the model, though; sort of like a female dwarf, but a bear. I’d roll one if I still played. I like the face on the top one; the second one looks too dopey and teddy bear-like.

  14. kinelfire says:

    I like them but I’m a bit jaded about the female models and how they always seem to be afterthoughts for the devs. Two thoughts I had in rapid succession were “Yay, they haven’t got over-sized breasts!” then immediately “… because there’s probably a lot of people who would be upset if they even thought for a second that they found a panda sexy!” Bet they’ll still jiggle around under plate armour though.

    Also, I rolled my eyes a bit when I saw they were going down the cutesy line again. Can’t quite recall what the males look like, but I bet they’re fiercer, as well as fatter. But as Zarhym told me, “there’s bigger injustices in the world. Find ‘em.” (relating to his casual usage of ‘lame’, not the female Pandaren!) I don’t expect Blizz even thought about that, much less care.

    Still play WoW though. Even though if I wrote a list of pros and cons, I have a suspicion that cons would be twice as long!

  15. Eraziel says:

    to be honest, the female pandaren is in the current beta stage far more developed graphically than the male one which looks a bit unpolished.
    I find both of them pretty cute, though the male could have gotten a more defined neck.

    Don’t think they will fall back to the dwarf female incident with the wobbling boobies (I love dwarf women, but I couldn’t stand watching my plate armor wobbling around >.<) and I'm pretty happy that the pandarens have rather small ones and seem to be of the same species as their men (unlike the Draenei and Worgen)

    So far, Blizz gets a thumbs up for the female pandaren from me :)

    What I'm more curious about is the other races of the new continent. So far, they've had only one model for each race which could be androgynous (considering that they're fish people or mantis people you could assume that gender dimorphism came in other ways than in mammal species) so I hope they won't fall into the Tol'vir & Tuskarr trap where you'd have only male NPC due to the fact that they simply forgot to add a female model…

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