Across the Divide – 12/21/09

It’s been awhile, so I apologize that I’m so far behind on the news!

Someone has recreated Lady GaGa’s ‘Bad Romance’ music video using the Sims 3.  This is machinima at its finest!

Final Fantasy XIII gets an “T” rating for “side boobs”. tells its readers exactly why they don’t have freedom of speech in World of Warcraft (or any other MMO for that matter).

A group of concerned gamers are petitioning for a color blind option in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Kristen Perez talks about the phrase “gamer girl” on Game Meets Girl.  What do you all think of her opinion?

A new USC study shows that women spend more time in virtual worlds than men.

LiveJournal had another gender fail, which they ended up rolling back.

Kotaku informs us all of the “Five Steps to Total Pwnage of a Gamer Girl’s Heart” to which Shakesville replies “oh no you didn’t!”

Do male bloggers receive more respect?

Stargrace at MMOQuests was shocked at a strip show in a player-run event on an Everquest II roleplay server. outs the gayest video game characters.  I don’t think I agree with their picks, how about you?

Latest Playboy issue features naked game girls.

What else did I miss?

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17 Responses to Across the Divide – 12/21/09

  1. Stargrace says:

    I wasn’t shocked, so much as embarrassed. I don’t care what people do for their own personal entertainment and I’m all about freedom, but I wasn’t expecting this (what I thought was regular) rp tavern event to turn into an x rated erp event.

  2. depresso says:

    Just one thing, seeing as how this is meant to be a gaming blog aimed squarely at women – could you not call us ‘guys’?


    • Cuppycake says:

      Thank you for pointing this out. I am still working on getting out of this habit. Edited the post!

    • oliemoon says:

      Thanks to you, koipond and everyone else who has brought it up for being diligent about this. :-D

      • koipond says:

        @oliemoon We all have to be diligent. Goodness knows that I slip up on that one a lot. It makes my face meet my palm a lot which hurts.

        Also Leala, please note the key line in the mission statement that you listed.

        Our goal is to bring thoughtful analysis to gaming with a feminist viewpoint and up-to-date news on games, virtual worlds, and social media.

        Referencing “you guys” as the plural is just one of the few ways that they kyriarchy reinforces its dominant paradigm. Pointing it out is one of the little ways we can help people overcome these little slips that make up the huge whole.

    • Leala Turkey says:

      Sorry to derail in any way but I’m a little confused about why the word “guy” would be some sort of dirty word. Nowhere in the about info for the site does it say it is just for women and general statements about audience should be only be addressed in the feminine.

      “The Border House is a blog for gamers. It’s a blog for those who are feminist, queer, disabled, people of color, transgendered, rich, poor, middle class, gay, lesbian, and others who belong to marginalized groups, as well as allies. Our goal is to bring thoughtful analysis to gaming with a feminist viewpoint and up-to-date news on games, virtual worlds, and social media.”

      • Alex says:

        “Guys” isn’t a dirty word, and depresso wasn’t suggesting that the audience should only be addressed in the feminine. The problem with saying “you guys” is that “guys” only refers to men, so saying “What do you guys think?” is the equivalent saying “What do you men think?” Since this is an inclusive space in which people of various genders, not just men, are welcome, asking only the men what they think of something is inappropriate.

        Thus, Cuppycake changed her sentence to be gender NEUTRAL (not specifically feminine), so that she is addressing everyone reading and not being exclusionary.

    • Alex says:

      Really fascinating articles! And thanks for the shout-out =)

    • koipond says:

      Austen, not to be nitpicky but please see #2.

      (goes back to breaking that habit aswell)

      • Austen says:

        Oops! You’d think I’d know better than to throw that word around. My bad!

        • koipond says:

          No worries.

          Also, I loved your series on Birdo and LGBT censorship. I loved Birdo when I was playing SMB2 (US). I would sit there playing Luigi and spend the whole time jumping the eggs she threw just to see how long I could go.

          I also remember that section about Birdo being Trans in the rulebook as a kid. I never gave it much thought, it made a lot of sense.

  3. Denis Farr says: really used the word trannies?

    Their list felt like insipid frat boy humor that I just didn’t get. From a magazine that wants to speak to an LGBT audience, how about highlighting actual LGBT characters, instead of using it as a punchline?

    • oliemoon says:

      SRSLY. Trans slurs, the understanding that apparently women =/= gay, a complete lack of actual gay characters…WTF. List fail. While there is something deliciously subversive about the notion of Duke Nukem being gay, from their description it looks like they didn’t even realize what they were on to.

      • For some reason it’s often a lot more popular in the blogosphere to talk about high profile games and how they MIGHT be gay than to talk about lower profile games that actually ARE.

        Really, there are an awful lot of LGBT-themed games in the world if you look hard enough. (Not so many T, I admit. I’ve known a few people working on small-budget games based entirely around transitioning as a story theme but not that have been completed yet.)

    • depresso says:

      I think a lot of cis-gendered gay people don’t grasp that many trans people are also gay. It’s like the ‘trans’ label obliterates absolutely everything else about the person for so many people (up to and including their humanity)

  4. depresso says:

    Thanks for the quick action, Cuppy : ) And in my experience, it’s an easy habit to break. And it makes for fun in WoW BGs when you point out that not everyone’s male – someone called me a “man-hating lesbo” the other day, how I lol’d. As did my distinctly male gendered husband!

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