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I’m Joana, I’m 23 and I’m from Brazil. Studying Journalism at the moment in the university, I’m almost at the end of it. I enjoy reading and writing (wrote a little fairy tale book about a princess who cuts heads off). I’m a feminist (yes, so is my princess, who wears trousers) and I love gaming since I was seven, I suppose. I don’t remember when I first got my hands on a joystick, but I remember it was my parents’ Atari 2600. My favourite game back then was Snoopy and the Red Baron. You were Snoopy on top of his house and you had to shoot theses red airplanes that looked like they were from World War I. When you shot them down they turned into a bag of popcorn or something. Awesome.

I got a Mega Drive next, loved Sonic, my childhood hero. Sorry to see what has become of him. I loved Streets of Rage, Tom Jam & Earl, great games. Then I wanted a Super Nintendo, I was fascinated by Donkey Kong Country. When I got to the shop, the guy there put me in front of StarFox 64 on the Nintendo 64. It’s a shooting game in space, in case you don’t know. I couldn’t believe it, it was too good, the controller even shook when I bumped into some obstacle or was shot. I got a N64 and it was one of my best videogames. Loved Zelda Ocarina of Time, still think it’s the greatest game ever. Loved Banjo-Kazooie, Mario 64, Mario Kart, Pokémon Stadium, Zelda Majora’s Mask and many others.

Continuing my videogame saga, once the N64 got old, I got a Gamecube. This one I didn’t play as much, I was studying hard at the time and I didn’t have any friends who got one, so I ended up with few games. My favourite from this videogame was Zelda Twilight Princess. I got a Wii now, I’m so very happy with it. I already have a friend who owns one and we lend each other games. I couldn’t believe it when I played it for the first time in a shop, it was the most fun thing in the world to cut grass in Twilight Princess thanks to the controller. This was the main reason I got a Wii, I love the idea of the character on the screen repeating my movements, it’s so much more immersive for me.

Joana's Mii

Joana's Mii

As for handhelds, I got an original GameBoy (with Pokémon Blue) and a Nintendo DS Lite. I don’t play them as much, but they’re good for when you go to a place where you have to wait and don’t have enough light to read or for when you won’t have much time and just want to have some quick fun.

I always notice the lack of playable female characters on videogames. It’s as if they’re ignoring half of the world’s population. Are they mad? That’s sad for me as I love games so much. I’m a female, I want to play as a female. It’s an identity matter. And, please, a character who is dressed and prepared for the challenges she must face, not wearing small shorts while it’s snowing. Yes, that exists, I’m not exaggerating. Check Tomb Raider Anniversary.

I’m putting my Mii as my picture as I think she is rather cute. And she gets to star in loads of games such as the multiplayer of WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Not a fan of Wii Sports though. Oh, a Mii is an avatar used in the Wii, in case you’re not familiar with them.

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I'm Joana Caldas from Brazil. Studying Journalism at the university at the moment. Almost finishing it. Love playing videogames since I can remember. Own a Wii and a DS Lite now. What else? Oh, I'm a feminist.
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5 Responses to Hi from Joana

  1. Mantheos says:

    “A princess who cuts heads off.” So is your princess an immortal? There can be only one! haha


  2. Alex says:

    Welcome, Joana! Your princess sounds awesome ;D

  3. Arie S. says:

    oh, Sonic- you are so right! what happened? how did they manage to fudge up that franchise!?

    Can’t wait to read more- and your Mii is awesome!

  4. Brinstar says:

    Welcome Joana! Looking forward to reading more posts from you!

  5. no one important says:

    It’s weird, I’ve always thought of the 2600 as being before my time, and yet I keep running into people younger than myself (I’m 24) who had it as their first console.

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