The Border House Podcast – Episode 8: Kickstarter and Crowd Funded Games

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We recorded a podcast about Kickstarter/crowd funded games awhile back and I neglected to put it up on the site right away. I apologize to everyone for that oversight.

The audio quality of this one isn’t ideal but the enthusiastic discussion we had was a lot of fun. We were joined by Deirdra Kiai, Jonathan Lavallee, Kimadactyl, and it was hosted by Gunthera1.


Are there any Kickstarter projects that are of special interest to you right now? What do you think of some of the projects that have been funded recently?



Finally, if there are any topics you would like to see covered in future podcasts then please let us know in the comments.

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9 Responses to The Border House Podcast – Episode 8: Kickstarter and Crowd Funded Games

  1. Matt says:

    I’m trying to listen to the podcast, but with the first mention of Kickstarter games the only thing I can think of is CLANG so I’ll post that right now in answer to “Are there any Kickstarter projects that are of special interest to you right now?” before unpausing and see if that helps.

    • Matt says:

      Now in actual response to some points in the podcast!

      I’m in Canada and I haven’t had any problem (besides the usual lack of $$$) funding stuff in Kickstarter.

      Personally, when I fund a Kickstarter I do see myself as an investor, period. It just feels to me like the fundamental spirit of the commercial investment, reverted to a more primitive form after the original vehicle for this sort of thing has been ruined by the lawyers people too scared to try to justify non-pecuniary value on a return.

      Thus far I’ve only backed 4 KS’s: the first two were print collections of Rice Boy and Pictures For Sad Children, comics I’d already been following for a long time and whose authors I trusted to deliver quality product; Tropes vs. Women which simply had to be backed as a matter of principle; and CLANG which was linked by someone I met while I was a student here and which offered – with something to show for it! – something even rarer (but I stress to say no more urgently needed :) ) in action games than a non-objectified female protagonist. Which means 50% of the things I’ve backed I was dealing with a relatively known quantity, 25% I didn’t care about the risk at all, and 25% is taking great pains to keep us updated and being quite frank about the weakest aspects of the project. I think I’ve been pretty picky and have never felt burned yet.

      • Matt says:

        Is there any particular reason why strikethrough isn’t allowed here? (in this case it was “the lawyers” which was meant to be at least 60% in jest)

  2. KIrving says:

    Thank you for an interesting and thought provoking podcast. I was drawn to Kickstarter recently when funding was being sought for Wasteland 2 and so I backed a kickstarter project for the first time.
    The discussion during the podcast was quite relevant regarding a backer’s emotional investment in a product, especially as the Wasteland 2 forums are full of posts saying what the developers should or shouldn’t do as they make the game.
    I also recently backed Dead State, an old school, zombie crpg that will focus less on fighting and more on making a safe refuge for survivors, managing resources, morale and exercising diplomatic skills for successful gameplay. I had been following the development of this game for some time and was beginning to think it would become vapour ware and never be finished. I was grateful that the developer started a Kickstarter campaign so I could contribute to the game becoming an, eventual, reality. Dead State made their funding goal and a number of stretch goals, for extra content, yesterday.

    While Kickstarter is a great idea and since Doublefine’s success has been a boon for the developer’s of adventure games, another of my favourite, types of game, I’m disappointed by the lack of female, lead protagonists being showcased. Most of the games seem to feature white, male protagonists and when they do feature female protagonists they are either impossibly proportioned, doll-faced and scantily clad (HeXit) or are children. I was really hoping that, with Kickstarter, developers would be brave enough to write interesting female protagonists like April Ryan from The Longest Journey or Kate Walker from Syberia.

  3. NRT says:

    Was this archived or moved? The audio doesn’t seem to be working.

  4. Xocolatl says:

    Hey is the podcast off of iTunes? I can”t find it or download it here :(

  5. Stella says:

    Hey, I’m having some trouble with the RSS feed. It seems like the URLs you have been using since ~ep 3 (on a dropbox account) are no longer working. Is that something you are aware of/that will be fixed? Or am I possibly doing it wrong? They call it “really simple syndication” but I’ve never had a “simple” experience with it. >_<

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