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A screenshot from Guild Wars 2 featuring a statue of Kalla Scorchrazor, Charr Feminist Revolutionary.


Edit: This contest is now closed.  Congratulations to the winners, who have all been emailed with their keys!

Darketower, Josh, Chris, Tyler K, Rillifane, Gralsh Oon, Henry, Skennedy, XvShadow, Hyacinth, Ehsan Kia, Ramenhotep, Primal Zed, 3Jane, chooseareality, DystopianGibberish, Richard, Ashelia, Eccentricity, washuu, Rabab, Romulus Hawk, Augusto Mendes, Sabrina, TomW — congrats!

The great folks over at ArenaNet have been so gracious as to allow us to give away 10 beta keys to the upcoming FINAL Guild Wars 2 beta event, which takes place July 20-22.  This is the last chance to try out the game before it releases on August 28th.  We’re big fans of Guild Wars 2 over here and we know many of our readers would love the opportunity to try out the game.

How to enter:

We’re going to make you work just a little bit to be eligible to win.  Hypothetically, let’s say that you’re a consultant for a large game studio who has employed you to help make their upcoming game more inclusive to marginalized groups (women, LGBT gamers, disabled gamers, people of color, etc.).  What is one tip that you would offer to this game developer to help them achieve their goals?

We will be choosing the 10 winners at random from the comments and will be giving these keys away on Monday, July 16.  You must have a real email address associated with your comment so that we can send you the keys if you win.

Good luck!

Note: Leaving a comment here with your tip is giving The Border House permission to use the tip (credited to you) in an upcoming compilation post of all the entries.

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123 Responses to Win a Beta Key for Guild Wars 2 Here at The Border House!

  1. Prasanth Ravi says:

    I’d say include more characters other than white/caucasian in the game(asian/black/etc). Most of the AAA games focuses on white male/female protagonists, just like Hollywood. The international market presents a huge opportunity, and the more the gamer feel related to the characters, it helps in sales. A company should really try to change the asian/black/arabic etc sidekick to the main protagonist and see how the gamers respond to the change.

  2. Anna says:

    Keep up the excellent work from Guild Wars by having strong female NPCs who’s gender is not the focus of their character, and extrapolate from there. Simply representing the existence of unrepresented people can be very powerful.

  3. Jeremiah Beene says:

    I think that a lot can be said for just showing persons with disabilities (preferred to “disabled persons”) living happy, healthy lives by focusing on their strengths. I am a disabled veteran, so I know that it is important to focus on your strengths to succeed in life. If you only see what you can’t do, you’ll never thrive with what you can. So, seeing people who have worked towards their strengths and who are now living happy, healthy lives raises awareness while also encouraging people with disabilities in the process. Also, young people with disabilities can develop healthy role models while enjoying themselves in the game. That’s just my two cents on the subject, but I thought it’d be a move in the right direction. Thanks for doing this. I know there are a lot of fans out there who will get a lot out of this.

  4. joshan says:

    costumizable controls would be great !

  5. Suoh says:

    Include lore/characters that support inclusivity. Simple, but potentially effective. Don’t make it “special”. Make it everyday normal.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Include a member of your target demographic as a primary npc or trainer for the PC’s, and allow for PC’s to create characters that fit the target demographic.

  7. Holly May says:

    As a consultant for this gaming company, i would have a lot of my shoulders. Appealing to a variety of marginalized groups in one game is very tricky, but not impossible. My one tip would be to advise for a multitude of options in character creation. These type of options allow the gamer to create any type of adventurer they imagine. It allows them to get their creative juices flowing and create a character from their own imagination. This character could be lifelike, or fantasy, the point is that the gamer has the option to decide. Options in character customization also creates a way to appeal to groups such as people of color, women and LGBT gamers. As a consultant, i would advise the game developers to allow the gamer to customize their characters (skin tone, gender, etc) to their fullest extent.

    As a female gamer, i am not always excited when my female characters have bigger breasts than a torso, so i would also like to see a option to change body proportions, as it will appeal to both male and females. Also these body proportions, i would advise, would not be limited to male or female because our world isn’t that black and white. Instead our world is grey, where some people are born one gender but identify themselves as another. Just allowing this option shows the gamers that its okay not to be a cookie cutter version of what society thinks is a male or female. All that matters is that you can create yourself to be whoever you want to be.

  8. Joe says:

    Controls are important to gaming

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