Signal Boosting: Pamplemousse

Deirdra Kiai, one of the authors here at The Border House, has started a fundraising campaign for Dominique Pamplemousse in It’s All Over Once The Fat Lady Sings!

A screenshot from Pamplemousse: A clay person stands in a rundown office. The scene is in monochromatic colours.

Now, how to define Pamplemousse? I guess it would be best to call it a point-and-click musical adventure game featuring an ambigiously gendered protagonist. Yes, you did not read that wrong. It is a musical which you can play! Don’t believe it? Go watch the video on the game’s Indiegogo page. In fact, you can read more about it there.

Deirdra Kiai is well known for Life Flashes By (in which their musical talents were demonstrated) and The Play (which won third place in 2011′s Interactive Fiction Competition).

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6 thoughts on “Signal Boosting: Pamplemousse”

  1. Awesome to see some signal boosting from TBH for this wonderful project.

    As a lover of adventure games, I’ve been excited about this ever since Deirdra first started talking about it. Can’t wait to see the final game!

  2. Agreed!

    What a wonderful and daring project, especially for an indie developer. The playable demo is really promising!

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