Play With The Border House in Guild Wars 2!

A beautiful vista from Divinity’s Reach in Guild Wars 2, with lush green foliage, and steampunk-styled globes hanging from the ceiling.

We’ve posted about this before, but now that the early access for preorders has begun and the game will be launching in mere days, here’s another reminder!

Many of us at The Border House will be joining up with Praxis, a guild that has a similar mindset as us and a great guild charter that upholds a lot of the same ideals as we do.  We’re set up on the Crystal Desert server, which is the unofficial LGBT server community in Guild Wars 2.  Due to high demand, this server is often full along with many others, but there is a full week of free server transfers so you can watch the server list and transfer over at any time.

Join us on Crystal Desert in Guild Wars 2!  Readers, feel free to leave your account names in the comments if you’d like to friend each other, but do remember that this is a public post.

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Lead Editor and co-founder of The Border House, feminist, gamer, lover of social media, technology, and virtual worlds. Pansexual, equestrian, dog lover, social game studio director and producer. Email me here and follow me on Twitter!
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10 Responses to Play With The Border House in Guild Wars 2!

  1. Alice Jooren says:

    Hey! I am currently playing on Tarnished Coast, but I only know two people on there who are usually soloing. I read something about a guesting system, though, could I use that to play with you guys a bit and see if I like that better?
    I’m not exactly sure how it works.

    My account name is Aliceface.2831 , if anyone wants to add me!

  2. shuu says:

    Man now I’m really torn. I thought it will be possible to make a character on one server, and one on other server and so on, so I could both play on Crystal Desert, and on the server populated by my country’s folk [and most of real life friends]. Now I don’t know which one to choose hah~!

  3. Laurentius says:

    From what I understand it is possibly to play as a guest on friend’s server, quest and progression and all that bar PVP bonuses that are tied to your “home” server.

  4. Lake Desire says:

    My BF has never played an MMO before but wants to try one so he had spend more time with me. Yay! Is GW2 supposed to be n00b friendly?

    • Lyss says:

      Actual gameplay is fairly easy to figure out. I do think that some of the classes have a much steeper learning curve than others. Elementalist and mesmer aren’t so n00b friendly. Ranger and warrior are.

      The game rewards you for doing all sorts of non-combat things like crafting, gathering, and climbing tall objects, so even if you’re not awesome at killing stuff you can still make progress. Many of the rep quests also have non-combat ways to finish (ie, kill the people threatening the Bear Shrine… or catch fish for the adorable baby bears! Turn into a snow leopard and hunt stuff… or play with baby snow leopards and heal sick adults!).

      The only thing I’ve had trouble figuring out is how to navigate their party and guild systems. There are no queues as such, because they have multiple overflow servers, but that means that someone you want to party with might be in a separate instance. There’s a way to join them in their version, but the game doesn’t tell you. And it seems that if you enter your storyline instance, your party members only get ported with you if you start from the same overflow server. Again, not something that’s explained. Eventually as server populations settle down this shouldn’t be an issue, but for now it’s frustrating.

    • Alex says:

      Agreed with Lyss, and also, there’s an online manual that explains a lot of things:

  5. Ellen Shull says:

    I’m another player currently on Tarnished Coast (the unofficial NA RP server), and I’ve been a little torn over the LGBT community choosing to home elsewhere. Has anyone seen much RP on Crystal Desert? Hopefully when they implement guesting this won’t be much of an issue…

    @Lake, I think GW2 does a pretty decent job of explaining itself; it’s certainly no FFXI (lol). If your BF has played any RPG before, he shouldn’t have any problems. I think the big learning curve with MMOs is the terminology more than anything (and in the case of GW2, some translation if you’ve played other MMOs): buff->boon, debuff->condition, BOP/BOE, PUG, daily, instance, proc, mob, AOE, DOT, DPS, that sort of thing… and with you there to translate, it should be fine.

    I’m Orenj.6503; anyone feel free to friend me ^^

    • Alex says:

      LOL, I had the same thought re: FFXI. INDEED.

      I agree I think it is pretty newbie-friendly, but it also doesn’t hold your hand. Maybe when I have some time I’ll make a list of some helpful tips and post them.

    • Lake Desire says:

      Hah! FFXI is the only MMORPG I have played more than a few months (I was in the beta and kept playing it for another 2-3 years).

      Thanks for the feedback!

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