The Border House Interviews … Amanda Valentine

A smiling woman with black rimmed glasses, and pulled back red hair.

Interview two in a series of how many as we need! This is the Border House Interviews, and we’re interviewing Amanda Valentine.  Amanda is an editor, who has been working with such table top game companies like Evil Hat Productions, and Margaret Weis Productions among many. She’s been responsible for pulling together such RPGs like the Dresden Files RPG (Evil Hat), Bulldogs! (Gallileo Games), the Smallville RPG (MWP) and is the lead editor for Margaret Weis Production’s Marvel: Super Heroic Roleplaying.

She’s also currently doing a review website called reads4tweens, where she hopes that she can get a lot of people reviewing books aimed at that tween level, because like many parents she can’t keep up at the rate that their kids are reading.

You can find her at the following places.
Website: or
Twitter: @ayvalentine

Podcast is a little over twenty minutes, there’s no transcript yet but if someone wants to work on that it would be appreciated.

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Jonathan is straight cis-white male parent who does his best to make sure the laundry's done every day, but usually fails miserably at it. He does the Border House's Casual Fridays, as well as any other review stuff that he gets his hand on. He also writes, and blogs about table top games as Firestorm Ink and The Gamish Designer.
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5 Responses to The Border House Interviews … Amanda Valentine

  1. Eric says:

    Those RPG’s she has worked on are some of the -most- innovative and creative works on the market today. I’m baffled that she has her hand in all those works and I’m glad this was put out there. Thanks so much!

    • Jonathan says:

      Baffled is an interesting word. What in particular is baffling?

      • Eric says:

        I’m normally used to seeing people produce similar things along a certain vein in the RPG community. (Monte Cook for instance) And those games barely resemble each other. The creative teams behind them are awesome. And finding someone who’s a common thread in that is more so :) Does that make more sense?

        • Jonathan says:

          Yes! ^_^

          There’s actually quite a few threads in common with a lot of those games but Amanda’s the one that keep all those voices wrangled in the same direction.

  2. MG WELLS says:

    I enjoyed this interview very much. I met Amanda via her website Reads4Tweens. I love her passion. I must look into these game books and gaming devices. They sound like so much fun. Thanks for sharing this fantastic interview, Jonathan. Always a pleasure to get to know new and interesting people and to learn ore about he folks you meet online. Enjoy the Journey, MG

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