The TBH Game Jam Has Begun!

If you’re reading this, then the first-ever Border House Game Jam has officially begun everywhere in the world!

Your goal: make a game in Twine. Submit your game HTML file or a link to your game to by midnight your local time next Thursday, October 4th (please let us know if we should include any content notes or trigger warnings when linking to your game). The optional theme, as suggested by commenter Rear Admiral of the Admirable Rear, is borders. Physical, geographical, mental; pushing them, crossing them, building them up, tearing them down.

Feel free to collaborate with others or ask questions in the comments here or in the IRC Channel. Good luck and have fun!

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Alex posts some of her sewing projects and cosplays on her Tumblr; you can also find her babbling about sewing and games and Parks and Recreation on Twitter.
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14 Responses to The TBH Game Jam Has Begun!

  1. JoeTortuga says:

    I’ll probably be around this weekend (at work now), as I’m working on a game myself (and depending on how that goes will decide how much I can join TBH’s jam).

    Still, Yay!

  2. Corbiu Geisha says:

    Have no idea what to do and want to bang some out with others, go to the IRC channel!

    Hey, it’s my job to remind people of the IRC.

    And I’m trying to bang out an idea of my own. So many to choose from!

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  4. Maverynthia says:

    OK you all talked me into it. My Twine game will probably be a steaming pile though.

    • Alex says:

      That’s totally okay! And here’s why: 1. It’s about the process, not the final product. 2. It’s also about just being creative, making something. 3. Even if it IS terrible, there’s certainly going to be something about it that you like–something interesting, clever, or cool. Just have fun =)

  5. prezzey says:

    Cool! I probably won’t be able to participate (busy with getting work done before Sukkot, and then there is Sukkot itself) but it’s a great idea!! Go people :]

  6. rho says:

    Is anyone else using the Mac version of Twine? An if so, is it working for you? My version crashed when I tried to save earlier, which rather took the wind out of my sails. Luckily, I saved early so I didn’t lose much work, but I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be able to participate if I can’t use the Mac version (I have a Windows PC too, but I’m not able to use it nearly as much as I can use my Mac (desktop vs laptop thing)). Any input or assistance would be much appreciated.

    • Alex says:

      I tried it a bit and it seemed okay, but apparently the Mac version is indeed rather buggy. I’m sorry. If you want to use another IF tool that’s totally fine, I just can’t guarantee that we can host it for you.

  7. If we don’t have a place to publish our game(s), where can we send them to be hosted on TBH?

  8. KA101 says:

    Unfortunately something (positive) came up* & I wasn’t able to participate. Twine looks useful though, and I appreciate the suggestion.

    *Guy I know was able to make it up for a visit!

  9. Alex says:

    Clearing a few things up!:

    First off, the jam ends TOMORROW night at midnight. “Thursday at midnight” is kind of ambiguous, sorry. But I mean 11:59pm Thursday/12:00am Friday. You will have a bit of leeway for actually submitting but please stop work by midnight your local time (honor system!).

    Secondly, when submitting your game please include the title, the name you’d like to be credited as, and what content notes or trigger warnings we should include with the link to your game, if necessary. And the game itself, obviously!

    If anyone still has any questions, just let me know!

  10. kdanger13 says:

    Alas, I had an idea and then proceeded to get a pile of homework that interfered. Looking forward to the results, though!

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