Recommended Reading: Ada Lovelace Day Edition

It’s Ada Lovelace Day! If you don’t know, Ada Lovelace Day is a day for celebrating and recognizing women in STEM fields. There ALD website has a directory of articles about women in STEM for today, but there are two things in particular I wanted to draw our readers’ attention to.

The first is a new website called Dear Ada, which launched today. It was founded by Mitu and Emily of Dear Mitu, Dear Emily; Dear Ada is a continuation of that project, opening up a space for anyone/everyone to submit letters on the subject of gender and games. Definitely something to visit regularly. You can submit your own letter by emailing info at dearada dot com.

The second article is not quite related to Ada Lovelace Day, but it is an important piece nonetheless. Over at The Phoenix, Maddy Myers writes about her experiences on the fighting game scene in Boston. It is a long read and quite in-depth. Through her first-hand accounts of fight nights, Myers makes quite clear the pervasive sexism in fighting games and in video game culture at large.

Any interesting articles to recommend, readers? Did anyone write something for Ada Lovelace Day?

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2 Responses to Recommended Reading: Ada Lovelace Day Edition

  1. Alex says:

    Oh, one more thing: StoryNexus officially launched today. It’s a platform for making text-based games like Echo Bazaar, so if you enjoyed making a Twine game during the jam, this is something you may want to check out!

  2. KA101 says:

    Ugh. Stanging fighting-game misogycreeps.

    I recall hearing someone affiliated with TBH thinking highly of StoryNexus during xyr beta access. Here’s hoping xe continues to do well with it!

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