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We’re introducing a new feature, starting this week: a Friday news roundup, with a summary of releases, events and happenings in the games world; and the best of the week’s articles concerning intersectionality, social critique, and women in videogames. (Cuppycake: This one is being published today, on a Monday, because I completely messed up and didn’t publish it last Friday!  Oops!) Tell us what you think, and post links to what you were reading this week in the comments below!

This Week in Game News

This week’s big game releases are Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and The Unfinished Swan. Preliminary reports of both games suggest definitely play the latter over the former….Nobody’s favorite game company Zynga hoped we wouldn’t notice that it fired over 100 employees and closed its Boston offices on Tuesday. But we did….PS3 owners take note: Hackers have reportedly gotten hold of the PS3’s LV0 codes, which may mean the console has been irreversibly compromised….This week in sneak peeks, the newest BioShock: Infinite trailer is heavy on the Americana, and DragonAge III has released its first concept art….Kickstarter does it again–indie sci-fi revival Star Citizen looks like it’s going to be a thing!…In games journalism, EuroGamer calls out the industry for being too cozy with industry PR, and tech news site The Verge’s game news spinoff Polygon went live on Thursday…And for your weekly dose of game design theory, check out Raph Koster revisiting his ten-year-old Theory of Fun at GDC online, video footage of which is now live.

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6 Responses to Border House News Roundup

  1. Maverynthia says:

    Zynga wasn’t the only game company that fired people during that convention. However you don’t see them getting any hate. It’s actually a common practice by many game companies.

  2. Twyst says:

    I like this feature a lot!

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  4. J Li says:

    I’m so glad that you’re doing this! I love the voice of Border House, and have been sad that you guys have been writing fewer articles lately. I would absolutely love a BH-curated news roundup as a regular portal :-)

  5. Sif says:

    Nice idea – I really like the idea of this feature and there’s some good stuff in there.

    “Cuppycake: This one is being published today, on a Monday, because I completely messed up and didn’t publish it last Friday! Oops!”

    This may sound strange, but apologizing for “messing up” in a breezy fashion jarred me. It made the post sound like a personal blog, not a news listing. Is the roundup going to be informal in nature, or a more professional report?

    The apology itself didn’t offend but hitting a consistent tone is always part of what I look for in a feature or news site, so I thought I would call it out.

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