Briefly: The News

A bunch of interesting things have happened today, so I thought I would throw together a brief post.

The Good:
New Dreamfall from Ragnar Tornquist’s new studio - more info at Kotaku and an interview at Rock Paper Shotgun.

Halo 4 Creators Introduce Lifetime Ban For Sexism - An awesome initiative, and we can all agree that Kiki Wolfkill is an awesome name.

The Bad:
Chivalry Dev said adding women to their game would be “degrading”, with bonus “missing the point”.

The Headdesk:
The Vita is like a lady with 4 boobs.

Anything else going on that we’re missing out on? Comment away!

11 thoughts on “Briefly: The News”

  1. Go Halo 4 team! Hopefully this means voice chat can be used for its intended purpose rather than being the audio-toilet it so often is.

    I’m not even going to comment on the Vita thing except to say that four breasts sounds ridiculous and unwieldy. >:/

  2. That vita ad is one of the worst PlayStation ads ever, and they’ve had whole strings of just terrible ones.

    SO excited about the Halo 4 policy though. I love that they put the responsibility for such behavior on developers, too. Devs certainly can’t control their whole userbase, but they can set an example and act on reports of abusive language, etc.

  3. Goddamnit now I have to buy a Halo game.

    (Also so excited about a new Dreamfall/Longest Journey omg)

    1. I’m excited for Chapters, too! The Longest Journey was one of my favorite adventure games; it’ll be so great to play a new one.

  4. The Chivalry article just made me depressed. I can’t even discuss it. What more is there to say about it than: “What the hell is this?”

  5. Damn, and Chivalry looked like such a good game too…

    Can’t say I don’t see where they’re coming from,

    That said, this kind of ignoring the issue screams of shittily misconsidered afterthought at best.

    At worst, the devs may have just assumed women player characters = boob armour etc. and all the deliberate body part targeting that follow from that.

    …perhaps a mix of both and maybe a few things in between. :(

    1. Can’t say I don’t see where they’re coming from,
      to finish that thought: …from what I understand they’re not nearly in the same position to impose their own architecture on everyone such that if a player can’t stop their stupid bullshit they can be banned for life.

      But again, there appears to have never even been any thought given to it.

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