News Roundup: Election Week

News Roundup

I don’t know why you say good-bye, I say HALO. HALO HALO-OHHH-FOUR. I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU SAY GOOD-BYE, I SAY—ahem. Sorry, I’m good now….Looks like there’s going to be more than one Dovahkiin running around in Skyrim, according to the new trailer for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s  next DLC, aptly entitled “Dragonborn” ….Turns out the U.S. Navy isn’t happy that some of its operatives consulted for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, a fact EA touted heavily in its advertising (via CBS)….The Mass Effect folks want your opinion on where to take the franchise next—looks like the ME3 outcry really put the fear of fanrage in them! (rockpapershotgun)….On Tuesday, Maine elected Colleen Lachowicz to the state senate, despite the fact that she plays World of Warcraft, something her opponent tried to use against her (Eurogamer)….Speaking of WoW, you can buy a cute kittie pet and support Hurricane Sandy recovery! (Shack News) ….Humble Indie Bundle is back with an Android deal! Games include Eufloria, Splice, and Sword & Sworcery EP….And this week in fatherhood, we heard about an awesome dad who gender-swapped Windwaker for his daughter so she’d know that girls can be heroes too; and an awful dad who beat his disabled daughter for illegally downloading videogames, and was just given his old job back with nothing more than a reprimand.

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  1. Article by the author of Defender’s Quest, where he talks about designing a game based on his life with Tourette’s Syndrome:

  2. Matt says:

    Now I’ve always known that VI was the best of all of them, but… okay, imagine being a lifelong churchgoer and a few hours after a nondescript Sunday service you head back in to grab your phone that got dropped in the pew. You wander in thinking the place would be empty but find the town drunk, whom you’ve never seen in this building in your life, completely unaware of your or any other human being’s presence, sober as a Muslim Law Lord, falling on his knees before the cross, weeping bitterly and begging for forgiveness.

    That’s how I kinda feel right now.

  3. Katie says:

    Do not read the comments for the Kotaku article about the guy who beat his disabled daughter, it’ll break you if you have any sort of human decency. Why is geek culture full of these vile people and why do companies insist on catering to them?

    • Matt says:

      And thanks to that I temporarily disabled NoScript just to read them. :V

      Thus far it’s settled into an argument between two people, one who believes that this matter should be taken seriously and the other who believes that she’s trying to blackmail him for money and therefore he should not be sanctioned.

      For what it’s worth, up here in BC we’ve just passed legislation removing all time limitations on suing someone for assault of a minor – because of all the sorts of considerations now brought forth in the arguments in the Kotaku comments.

  4. KA101 says:

    NoScript stopped the comments anyway.

    Little-known fact: KA101 is a Pennsylvania lawyer IRL. We recently had a corrupt-judging debacle over in Luzerne County. Still cleaning up the mess those two made.

    I couldn’t go before this …human and consider him a judge. Nope, sorry, Texas. He’s unfit to serve. On behalf of the profession, I’m sorry we didn’t permanently relieve him of duty.

  5. This CNN article starts right in by describing video games as a “male interest topic”…

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