What Are You Playing Wednesday

Tree Rex from Skylanders Giants.

It is time for our usual Wednesday questions:

  • What games have you been playing lately?
  • Are there any you would recommend to other Border House readers?
  • Are there games that have you ranting or raving?
  • Are there any games that you played and want to see covered on the site?

I have been pretty consistent with my gaming. I have settled into a standard of a few hours of World of Warcraft and some Skylanders a week. I have not been deviating from that very much lately. I think it is time to look in my backlog and find a game to get me out of my routine.


What have you been playing?

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28 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. user@example.com says:

    As an alleged adult who enjoys chilling out and playing some harmlessly fun smashy games, is Skylanders Giants for me? The toys are tempting.

    I’m mostly playing Dark Souls and sunbroing the Capra Demon, a very nasty early boss that you have to beat to progress. It gave me so much trouble, and there’s something liberating about being summoned by another player with my only goals being to defend them, fight for them, and die for them. Being summoned can take a few minutes, so it’s good to relax and maybe read something, poke around online until you get summoned.

    Y Praise the Sun Y

    • Alex says:

      I haven’t played Giants, but I really enjoy Skylanders. It is a solid beat-em-up and the toys are cute (though it is SO easy to get sucked into the collector mentality!).

  2. Ms. Sunlight says:

    Xcom. Am I the only one who finds Dr. Vahlen’s enthusiasm at the idea of interrogating and experimenting on the alien captives… disturbing yet weirdly sexy?

    • Laurentius says:

      I hate her and every other person in game speaking English with accents, if i could have really made orders as a XCOM commander, my first regulations would be: “Speak to me in your native language or GTFO”

      • Ms. Sunlight says:

        Why? Do you think that people who work in workplaces where the language spoken is not their first language don’t have accents? That is not my experience in the world of work, and my friends and family who have emigrated or worked abroad don’t lose their accent just because they’re no longer in the UK. Most workplaces have one or at most two common languages of business.

        I’m not asking as a debating point, I’m genuinely curious as to what the reasoning is here. If anything, I have the opposite problem with the game – the soldiers have American accents whether the flag on the back of their uniform is South African or Japanese or French. I’d much prefer it if they were voiced by people from the countries they’re supposed to come from.

        • Laurentius says:

          “I’d much prefer it if they were voiced by people from the countries they’re supposed to come from.”

          Exactly, my comment was planned as sarcastic towards game ie. i hated on Dr Vahlen’s as a form of guilt reaction to the fact that game made me play as an asshole XCOM commander who set up base in South America and then forces all his employes to speak English, in short some huge hegemonic jerk.

        • prezzey says:

          My issue with Dr Vahlen is that her German accent is painfully fake… Couldn’t they have found someone with a believable German accent? (Preferably someone who could actually speak German, which this voice actor clearly can’t, as demonstrated in the tutorial mission…) I’m totally OK with a strong German accent, but this wasn’t it, it was a Fake Exaggerated Hollywood German Accent.

          Then again a lot of the game was over-the-top and Hollywoodesque in a humorous way (like old B-movies?), so, it sort of matched with that ambience, but, uh. X[

  3. Kimiko says:

    Last week I finished Star Ocean: First Departure (PSP). It’s a fun game, with a weird ending. After beating what has been built up as the big bad, you’re suddenly thrust into a new plot, whisked away from planet Roak that you’ve spent the whole game on, and dumped on a super small planet with basically only one (long) dungeon and the final final boss. I later read that the original plans were to have that planet be as large and deep as Roak but the budget ran out. I think they should’ve either cut off that last part or expand it, at least for this remake. Ah well, apart from the ending I enjoyed this game a lot. Looking forward to Star Ocean: Second Evolution.

    After that I replayed an old ScummVM game, Beneath A Steel Sky. It’s a point&click adventure game in the same style as the old Sierra and LucasArts games. I was reminded of its cyberpunk/zeerust/dystopia setting when I played Machinarium a while back. There’s a lot of silly humor in the game; it seems to go with the genre. The representation of women is pretty bad though. Of over two dozen characters (most of which are voiced too), there are only five women. One is backstory-only, one only has flavor text, and of the remaining three only one is shown doing actual work. You’ll never guess which one gets fridged.. *sarcasm*
    It seems the creators are looking to do a sequel. I hope they make it more gender-balanced.

    And I’ve just finished the visual novel/puzzle game Last Window: The Secret Of Cape West (DS). It’s a sequel to Hotel Dusk: Room 215. It has the same main character, and a few supporting characters reappear, but it’s otherwise a new story. I don’t recommend playing it without having played Hotel Dusk though, as there is a lot of backstory you’d be missing. And besides, both games are totally worth it.

    I’m not sure what I’m going to play next. The only game in my backlog that I haven’t played yet is Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (DS), and that’s it until my PS Vita arrives. Maybe I’ll look into some Hanako games. Someone mentioned them last week, and the demos of Science Girls and Spirited Heart that I’ve played were interesting.

    • Ashera says:

      I’ve actually been playing Last Window with my SO. Sometimes he’ll read out Kyle’s comments when we’re looking at random stuff in a Solid Snake voice, which is hilarious. Imagine Solid Snake saying things like “It’s the shelf where I keep my toothbrush,” or “It’s a vase with a floral pattern.”

  4. Timmy_Mac614 says:

    Still working on Borderlands. That game is huge, and so many things to collect.

    While playing the game online, I had an interesting situation happen. For context, I am playing as the siren. I wanted to play as a female because the male main character is pretty much the standard in games. My PSN ID is male identifying (I don’t know any women named Tim). The thing is I was playing with someone who I assume was a guy. Whenever I picked the vehicle, it was pink. The guy refused to get in the vehicle with me. Instead he got his own in a more “manly” color. There was no voicechat to have. Just a refusal to ride in a pink vehicle. The clincher is I had to save him numerous times during our time together. I look forward to continuing my queer version of Borderlands.

  5. Lassarina says:

    I finished the caverns portion of Dust: An Elysian Tale. I can’t get over how adorable the art is vs. how serious the story is; it’s a really fascinating juxtaposition. (Also, this game is freaking beautiful and so much fun to play.) Off to the Sorrowing Meadow!

    Now back to Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, which is not holding my attention the way previous games in the series have. I wish it would, but it’s just not, and I’m not sure why. It might be me and my mental tiredness. Though I am enjoying the heck out of the shop minigame and the puzzles I am doing are quite enjoyable. (I also like some of the playability enhancements, like the magnifying glass/zoom.)

    Mostly my game time has vanished into NaNoWriMo. But I’m really looking forward to Persona 4 Golden next week – yes, P4 has RAFTS of gender and sexuality issues, I’m not trying to deny them, but it still charms me and there are large portions of it that I still love. Yes, Atlus, please take my money. Again.

  6. Merrypetal says:

    After getting happily derailed by Borderlands 2 I finally beat Darksiders 2. It was really good. Some highlights were upgrading the few possessed weapons you find by feeding them other weapons/armour, to tailor them as you like (awesome); great to have fast travel for the purposes of the many side quests as the world is expansive; the incredible environments Vigil created and the “RPG light” feel of the game. The boss fights felt easier than Darksiders (played on normal), but I felt I used my abilities better than Darksiders 1. Hoping with all my gaming heart there will be a Darksiders 3.

    As a complete change, I started The Testament of Sherlock Holmes last night. Gory, but really good. The excellent voice acting makes up for the wooden appearance of the characters, The detailed lavish rooms I’ve been in so far make hunting for clues wonderful. Nice inventory and deduction system of figuring out the crimes, but it looks like the puzzles are going to be tough! It’s my first game in this genre, and a welcome change of pace.

  7. Ashera says:

    I got Waking Mars from the Humble Bundle recently. I was not expecting as much of a story it has, but it’s pretty cool! It’s neat growing all the plants and seeing the caverns come to life, but it’s also a bit sad to disturb the serenity… Which I think are the main character’s feelings as well. Also, all the characters are people of color or robots/AIs and not stereotyped!

  8. prezzey says:

    Haven’t played much of anything lately, lack of time :[ A few rounds of Mass Effect multiplayer, I didn’t have access to my Xbox for a month and I came back to a huge lot of free stuff.

    Is there a good Collectors enemy guide somewhere? I totally failed against them even on Silver, it was embarrassing… and on Bronze everything is too easy, so I can’t really find out much about the enemies, they go down too fast. I’d rather not try again on Silver before I actually know what the the enemies DO and stuff. -.-;;

  9. Lassarina says:

    …and I just found out Glitch is closing. I’m so very, very sad about this. I loved the game, and the fact that I never felt like I wasn’t the target audience; they were so careful about gender and storytelling and it was so welcoming and lovely. I’m a little heartbroken :(

    • Negative Kat says:

      Wow, really? Did it ever even come out of beta? That’s really too bad, it’s unlike anything I’ve played.

      • Lassarina says:

        I think it did very briefly, but my understanding is that the money was running out and they determined their model would not be able to support Glitch in the long run, so rather than keep going until they were out of money completely, they decided to pull the plug so the employees could at least get severance packages, which is really very decent of them. (If only more companies were.)

        If you were a subscriber, they’re refunding all payments over the past year, or your can direct your refund either to a health-care charity or back to TinySpeck. Instructions on the site.

        • Negative Kat says:

          Well, at least they took care of their employees. Hopefully they’ll all be able to land somewhere else.

          Man, first City of Heroes, and now Glitch. This has been a terrible month for games dying.

          • Lassarina says:

            It really has been. I would have been willing to pay more for Glitch in order to keep it; I was always astounded that real money in Glitch only bought you trivial conveniences and meaningless pretties (i.e. nothing required to play the game) and I thought it was really nice, but I did always wonder how Glitch was going to hang on. I guess now I know. :(

            I do want to write up an open letter to game devs about what Glitch did right and what I wish more game devs would consider, regarding community and behavior.

  10. Anjasa says:

    I have been playing Guild Wars 2 like mad and it is just making me so, so happy.

  11. Doone says:

    Glitch and Torchlight 2 :) I don’t have any special commentary to add to this little comment.

    I’m in the market for a fresh game though. Towns is intriguing.

  12. Momiji says:

    I’ve been playing a little ME3 multiplayer (mostly the weekend challenges), Dragon Age 2 and a little Zelda: Skyward Sword. I’m still busy writing my NaNoWriMo challenge, but once that’s over I plan on playing more. :)

    • Tabs says:

      THERE ARE WEEKEND CHALLENGES? How did I miss this!

      • Momiji says:

        If you are on PS3 I think they had problems with updating the information in-game about the challenges. I usually check twitter or the forum for information. You also need the latest DLC (Retaliation) installed for the challenges to work.

  13. KA101 says:

    Syndicate Wars, Church of the New Epoch, about 2/3 through. Am glad that The Dead Zone took place in Bangkok and not Singapore.

    (Singapore was simply stealing two bullion transports. Much cleaner, and thus safer for civilians who happen to be in the op area.)

    Transcendence is off to a decent start this run, too.

  14. Doug S. says:

    Mostly Magic Online for me. Someone broke Standard and their deck leaked onto the Star City Games forums, and now I’ve been winning tons of tickets with my tweaked version.

    I’ve also been playing Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume and Dragon Age Origins.

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