Border House Interviews … Elizabeth Shoemaker-Sampat

Interview three in a series of how many as we need! This is the Border House Interviews, and we’re interviewing Elizabeth Shoemaker-Sampat.  Elizabeth is a game designer who has a lot of amazing games titles under her belt. She’s got the wonderfully complicated relationship based It’s Complicated, the amazing spy thriller Blowback, and her most recent game about fallen angels trying to do what’s right despite what they’ve been told They Became Flesh.  

A woman’s face making a bemused expression with bangs that hang just overtop of her eyes who happens to be Elizabeth Shoemaker-Sampat

Currently she’s made a transition from just doing pen and paper games, to doing pen and paper games while working in Video Games. Currently she’s working at Storm8.

You can find her at the following places.


Podcast is a little over twenty minutes, there’s no transcript yet but if someone wants to work on that it would be appreciated.  If you want to hear people interviewed on The Border House Interviews you can always leave a name or a request in the comments below.

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