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We’ve done a lot of flash games, but there’s something I’ve been playing for a while that I’ve really been enjoying and want to share with you. It’s Playdom’s Full Bloom game which is available on Facebook. The premise of the game is that you’re a newbie gardener who is looking to learn about flowers but what it really does is mishmash a “match 3″ type of game and an isometric garden building game that has a lot of the trapping of most facebook games. It’s free to play, but you can of course spend money to buy gold which allows you to buy nifty extra special pieces to put in your garden or more things to clear out the rubble.

What I like about this game is that it’s actually got an isometric putting stuff in play that I enjoy. There really isn’t a huge emphasis on what you put in your garden, only that you have one as the “nicer” your garden is the more areas that get unlocked in the other part of the game. What you put into it is really up to you, and there’s a nice enough diversity of plants to choose from that don’t cost money that it’s really possible to have a very nice set of colours and arrangements.

A garden scene with some cobble stone paths surrounding a white picket fence which contains some flowers. There is a bush next two some flower boxes with a different set of flowers.

You can have nice neat ordered rows with nicely ordered plants (which is what I tend to do) or you can have a wilder garden with colour everywhere. There are levels too, you can put down soil or wood chips or just leave everything as is. Regardless of what you do, it’s a lot of fun.  You can even remove everything — though it’s one at a time, having a select more or all option would be nice — and start over. The interface is a lot more intuitive now than when it started, and there’s no limit to the amount of things you can store which comes in handy when you’re trying to complete any quests that they’ve set up that deal with planting and growing flowers. Growing flowers requires certain amounts of various items that you can get from your friends, but this game has a 100 item per person limit so you won’t be left out if you don’t have any friends who want to plant flowers with you.

The other side of the game is the “Match 3″ game where you get a bunch of flowers and you need to slide a pair of them so that you match at least 3 of the same type of flower. While some of the levels are timed, most of them run off of a “move” amount, you have a limited number of turns in which you need to

A playing field with various flowers, there are three explosions happening which are clearing more flowers from the field.

achieve the stated goal. There’s a nice enough variety between the game events, either with the board being of a different shape or rather than just collecting flowers you have to clear brush, by making matches on afflicted tile, or brambles, by making matches next to the brambles. You have to deal with bees, or trying to clear the way for sunlight, or even the spreading of mushrooms.  Some of the levels are really hard too, frustratingly, banging your head against the wall hard. They do offer a way around levels, or special bonuses while playing the level but again these all cost gold. I’m pretty far along the game, so I know that the levels are beatable but we are talking several days worth of trying one level again and again.

Full Bloom does what a lot of other of the Facebook Clones do, but thankfully with a kind of refreshing take on the whole thing. It’s not farming, you don’t have to come back to check on things when they’re done. It’s not trying too hard to be super serious. It really pretty, and fun to play which is a mark a lot of games are missing.

Completely Arbitrary Number Value Judgement: -{-* -{-@ -{-< -{-# -{-()  Look! It’s my pretty five flower garden!

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