[Watch This] Anita Sarkeesian’s TED Talk

Anita Sarkeesian wearing a gray blazer over a black shirt, standing in front of a black background with indiscernible white text over it.

Because gaming culture can not have enough fierce feminists, and we’re huge fans of Feminist Frequency and supporters of Anita Sarkeesian, I command you all to watch her TED talk.

Sadly, the trolls of Reddit have already started to outrage over this video and are currently dominating the comments at that link (that’s a warning — don’t read them unless you want to be angry) so I’m sure Sarkeesian could use some support over there.

Anita Sarkeesian at TEDxWomen

10 thoughts on “[Watch This] Anita Sarkeesian’s TED Talk”

  1. They’ve turned off the comments on the Youtube video as well as at the TedxWomen page now. So any of that commentary is on the external sites now!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve probably listened to it about 6 or 7 times now and shared it with other women I know. As disturbing as what happened to Anita is, the way she is handling it is incredibly inspiring.

    I used to occasionally watch her videos but I never really followed her too closely. Now she’s made me a devoted fan.

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