What Are You Playing Wednesday

Kat from Gravity Rush – a blonde woman wearing a black and gold outfit.

Happy Wednesday everyone! It is question time once again:

  • What games have you been playing lately?
  • Are there any you would recommend to other Border House readers?
  • Are there games that have you ranting or raving?
  • Are there any games that you played and want to see covered on the site?

This last week I spent most of my time with Gravity Rush on the Vita. The changing gravity mechanics are fun and I really enjoy the art style. I am hoping to finish the game by this weekend.

So, what have you all been playing?

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36 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Llamaentity says:

    Lots of PSVita gaming, and a bit of PS3.

    Found the time to finish up the Walking Dead: The Game. Totally loved it. It had so many fantastic moments. Can’t wait to see what Telltale Games does in season two!

    On the Vita: lots of Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, lots of Disgaea 3, and lots of Sound Shapes.

    I’ve gotten a couple endings and temporary dead ends on Zero Escape so far, and am planning on spending most of my gaming time this upcoming week trying to get all of the endings along with the Platinum trophy. Love the improvements over 999 when it comes to multiple playthroughs (and 999 was super awesome in my books, too :P).

    I’m eleven hours into Disgaea 3. Pretty fun so far… will probably be playing it here and there while I work on other games that take less time to complete.

    Sound Shapes was a delight. Some great music and fun platforming. The Death Mode challenges were satisfying, too. Got the Platinum trophy for it already, the quickest of my four. I’d like to keep playing, specifically to try making some music/levels. Lots of cool stuff in the level editor ^.^ Anyone else have any levels for it yet? Would love to try them out, if so!

    After I finish up Zero Escape, my next main focus will definitely be Gravity Rush, followed by Uncharted: Golden Abyss and then ACIII: Liberation. So many fun and exciting games to play!

  2. Kimiko says:

    It’s been Vita all the time for me as well. I bought a Wacom stylus for it. A little expensive, but a real joy to use.

    Does anyone know how I can get images and stuff onto my Vita without buying/installing Windows on my PC? I couldn’t find any way to set a wallpaper other than the built-in colors. There are many websites with pretty Vita wallpapers, but the browser doesn’t have a download/save function.

    Last night I completed Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. That was such an awesome game ^_^ Lots of puzzles, and a plot that keeps you guessing right until the end. There are a lot of little details that suddenly make sense in retrospect, and little references to 999 of course. The ending nearly outright states that there will be a sequel, which I wish I could play right away.

    Next up is Gravity Rush, which I expect will be quite a change of pace from a VN like VLR.

    • Kimiko says:

      *first time playing Gravity Rush* Aah! What is this!? I don’t even..!
      Seriously, you expect me to control movement and direction and gravity, in 3D, all at once, and then fight monsters too?! How am I supposed to do all that at the same time..? O_O

      • gunthera1 says:

        The demo especially throws it all at you at once. The game at least introduces the mechanics at a slightly slower pace.

    • gunthera1 says:

      I set my wallpaper on it by taking a photo with the Vita camera and using that. I have a blurry close up of a cat sitting on my lap as my wallpaper. It isn’t the best quality photo, but it works.

    • Llamaentity says:

      If you upload a picture and browse to it (or find a pic somewhere), press and hold a finger in the middle of the pic (or the stylus XD), and an option for “Save Image” should pop up. Works on mine… might have to pinch and zoom into the image a bit, though XD Let me know if that works.

      Also, yay Zero Escape! Can I have your PSN ID so I can add you to my friends list? (unless you’d rather not) :’p

      • Kimiko says:

        Ah, so that’s how it works. Sheesh. Guide dangit!
        Thanks. Now I can prettify my Vita’s start/home screens.

        My PSN id is Kimiko_0 (you can also find it on my Backloggery page).

  3. Lassarina says:

    I picked up Hexyz Force again and am charging through the end of Cecilia’s story; I’ve just done Fort Faulken and all signs point to end game, which is why I am completing one last side quest before it is time to FINISH THIS. (end Mortal Kombat Announcer Voice.)

    My fiancé swiped the 3DS for his playthrough of Professor Layton, so I haven’t touched that in almost a week, but I did go back to Dust: An Elysian Tale and I am really, genuinely enjoying it. I’m at the point where the helpful NPC told me, “we set up this teleporter for you so if there’s anything you want to do before ending this, you might want to go do it now,” and so I’m going back to all the areas where a lack of some ability prevented me from acquiring treasure chests, and collecting them. So close to finished!

    I tried picking up Gyromancer on XBLA again (I’d abandoned it a couple years ago), and for about three rounds I remembered why I had enjoyed it; and then I realized why I had given up on it, namely, that I was thoroughly sick of grinding for badges to unlock more levels. So I marked it null on my Backloggery, and I feel much better about it. XD

  4. menunu says:

    WoW, still. Our guild has switched to ten person raids and are progressing pretty nicely. I also resubbed to SWTOR for 60 days to check out the changes / free to play. I’m disappointed that they haven’t put out the kind of content patches they said they were going to (i.e. more dialogue, more romance options), but it is still a really fun game to level.

    I also got this little downloadable game on my iPhone called Writer Rumble. It is a cute mashup of Boggle and platform killing bad guys. You take on the “persona” of a famous writer and spell out words to kill enemies. You can also do multi player, though I haven’t tried that yet. It’s cute, and it’s only 99 cents!

    • feministgamer says:

      Yeah, I stopped playing for the better part of a year and when I came back last month … wasn’t impressed. Of course, their content takes longer to make because of all the voice acting. I suppose that’s why they should stick to making offline games.

  5. Patches says:

    Played my first few games of League of Legends. It’s a good time with friends, but I can’t see myself pursuing it alone. I was atrocious at multi-micro in RTS, but this seems more manageable.

    Everything everyone said about the champions is true, but I try hard not to let that get in the way of a positive play experience (so far only played with friends against bots, so it’s win-win here).

    I SHOULD get back to Dishonored, but I keep finding that it’s hard to just pick up for a bit. Especially when there’s all this anime to watch…

    • Llamaentity says:

      Cool. If you ever want any tips for LoL, let me know… been playing it for years now ^.^ It’s a good time with friends, and sometimes even with just one or two friends and some strangers (although it can be pretty hit or miss when strangers are involved).

      I have the same issue with dividing time between anime and games. One more episode, or one more level!?

  6. Negative Kat says:

    Now that I remember I own it, I’ve put in some time with Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Almost done, one more session should do it. I’m finding I can’t hold the Wiimote horizontally like that for very long, though. That thing’s pretty much the opposite of ergonomic.

    Yarn Meta Knight is as adorable as I suspected, and I’d totally forgotten about the hilarious Nick Jr.-esque narrator.

    I also got to level 58 on my Charr Engineer in GW2, thanks to a little help from my SO. And even though I don’t need another MMO to play, I’m really going through superhero withdrawal now that CoH is gone. Le sigh.

  7. Dejadrew says:

    I met up with some dearly missed old RP buddies in WoW yesterday and we wound up in a marathon roleplay session that lasted for HOURS. Exhausting, but DAMN it was fun. Caught up with their characters’ lives, and got the surprise chance to expand on a chunk of my toon’s backstory that I’ve been sitting on for AGES.

    Out of WoW, I just got the first Scribblenauts game for the DS, used. Super Scribblenauts was my very first DS game; I’m looking forward to seeing what the original is like.

  8. Matt says:

    Been trying all week to get Kairo to run on CrunchBang Statler 64-bit.

    Managed to install gcc from the unstable repositories and managed to get past the “can’t find GLIBCXX…” error, now it just says “Aborted” for no reason. D:

    I suppose I could just run the exe but I really would rather not have yet another game that I can only play during those blue moons that I could bear to boot to Windows. Trying to get this thing to run has given me many hours of locked-door puzzle gameplay on its own it seems…

  9. Stille says:

    Still playing mostly Skyrim, mildly miffed that I’ll have to wait another month for Dragonborn. It’s a good thing I don’t mind being spoiled on anything ES-related, else I’d have to stay off the interwebs for a month.

    Gave the Telepath Tactics demo a try today. The Linux version is quite a bit buggy, but the Windows version worked under Wine with minimal issues. The game apparently resembles Fire Emblem and Disgaea, but, as I haven’t played them, it mostly reminds me of a more RPG-ish, way less random Battle for Wesnoth. Fun fun fun. Add to that the fact that quite a lot of the playable characters mentioned by the dev (and the great majority of playable characters in the demo) are women, and the dev previously talking about wanting to avoid stereotyping female characters, and you get a game that I really hope will make its funding.

    • prezzey says:

      Glad to hear that about Telepath Tactics, I’ve been meaning to give the demo a spin but haven’t managed to get to it yet.

      How’s the whole telepathy theme? It seemed like a bit of an odd match with the faux-middle-ages design, to me…

      • stille says:

        The demo is very small and doesn’t get deep in telepathy and how it works, but from what I’ve seen both in and out of game, telepathy fulfills just the role magic would fulfill in a typical high fantasy game. So it all works like your average high fantasy setting, only I suppose there’ll be an explanation of magic…err…telepathy and how it works later on.

  10. glitchy says:

    I discovered this randomizer for Pokémon Red/Blue, and it seemed pretty cool, so I decided to try it out. I pretty much set everything to be as random as possible and started up a new game. It’s really fun to go back through this old game that I’ve played so much before and have everything shuffled around. There are all sorts of interesting surprises. The very first random encounter I had was a Mew, haha (though I didn’t catch it). And since I chose for types, movesets, and stats to be randomized, it’s really interesting to see which Pokémon turn out unexpectedly amazing (or alternately, unexpectedly mediocre). My favorite discovery so far is Diglett: it ended up being Dragon/Ghost type and starts with Recover and Psychic. XD

  11. Timmy_Mac614 says:

    I just learned the best way to play Borderlands. It is to have a group of players just hit the main storyline. That might seem like a no duh, but I am a completionist. I feel very overwhelmed with all the side missions and oodles of weapons and mods. Now, if I had the time and not an insane backlog, I might consider finishing all the side missions. That doesn’t even include the DLC. I think this new approach will allow me to get to Borderlands 2 by the end of the year. Having said that, are there any side missions that I should not skip over? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I find playing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in a pink or purple color makes it easier to track my character in the chaos that are the battles. That or have Dante shirtless comes in handy.

  12. Ancalime says:

    That great Mary Sue review about Dishonored got me to buy it (and Skyrim) during a Black Friday sale, and now that NaNoWriMo’s over I’ve been trying to get through it. The narrative and mechanics are both frustrating the crap out of me, though.

  13. Shannon says:

    Planescape torment! =D

  14. Korva says:

    I created a no-magic character built around Clockwork Knight in Dungeons of Dredmor (Dwarven Moderation, permadeath, ROTDG and YHTNTEP). That game just keeps getting better. I won with a pure caster earlier this year, before I got ROTDG, and had not played it since, so the improvements made since then are a very pleasant surprise. Currently, that character is on level 7 and giving me that typical enjoyable roguelike rollercoaster feeling: “Careful, careful … hmm … this is going quite well … OUCHHELLNORUN!” I had two extremely close calls which forced me to use the only two healing potions I found, but both were to blame on not being careful enough.

    Charge of the Steam Brigade, the capstone skill in Clockwork Knight, is ridiculously fun and very effective, if somewhat painful. I really need to get my hands on some blast resistance to mitigate that.

  15. Ashera says:

    Spent way too long playing Love Interest, a dating sim by someone who hates dating sims as part of Fuck This Jam. It’s a great send-up of Mass Effect. My highest score is 192.

    • stille says:

      Truly, that thing is hilarious. What’s your strategy, by the way? I’ve mostly tried to sleep with my whole crew, but I’m thinking I need to stop sleeping with Generic Soldier, pay more attention to doing missions and having a decent galactic readiness score and train one of the gunners in psionics since I’ve always needed either 1 gunner, 1 techie and 3 psions or 1 gunner, 2 techies and 2 psions in the suicide mission. What are the combos you ended up needing?

    • glitchy says:

      (spoilers, I guess) Is it weird that I really liked the alien-ness of the sex scenes (and some of the other date scenes too)? Beyond being funny, I also found some of the descriptions really interesting. I don’t know how Mass Effect handles things, having never played it, but I would totally play a (serious) game where you can have relationships with characters who are truly very alien in both courtship practices and sexual behavior. That just sounds fascinating to me.

      Anyway, despite my lack of familiarity with the game this parodies, it was still quite funny. Especially all the dates with the Model Scientist. I got lucky in my second playthrough – the final mission needed 2 gun people, 2 tech people, and 1 psy person, which was easy, so I got 230 points that time.

      • stille says:

        *Oh* the Model Scientist is buckets of fun in Mass Effect. Can’t date him, tho. Can only have him advise you in alien biology. Which isn’t as outlandish as in Love Interest, who I think mostly parodies ME fanfics when it comes to sex scenes.

  16. Momiji says:

    Lately I’ve played the Mass Effect Omega DLC (commented a bit about it in the thread about female Turians). Loved it, can’t wait for the next DLC that the devs are hinting about (possibly the last one I guess).

    Mostly though I’ve been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’m probably only 1/3 or so into the game (I play very slowly). I really love the stealth gameplay and the futuristic setting. Getting some choice in the dialogue is also very appreciated. The system for leveling up your character the way you prefer to play the game is also great.

    Unfortunately there are some things that mar an otherwise really great gaming experience, like the first boss fight that seemed like it wouldn’t have been amiss in a really cheesy action flick from the early 90’s. It definitely didn’t feel like it belonged with the rest of DE:HR, thats for sure. There was also a couple of side missions in the first two hub areas that made me almost give up on the game because of heavily they relied on over-used genre tropes. I also tried playing for the pacifist achievement (by not killing any enemies during the entire playthrough), but my effort was unfortunately thwarted by a sneaky bug that I only found out about later. :/

    Still, I love 90% of the game enough to ignore the bad parts and keep playing. Its fun to explore the hub areas and the battle areas are filled with sneaky ways to avoid battle completely, which I really appreciate.

    • BourneApprox says:

      If I may recommend a way to get around the next few boss fights… Get and fully upgrade the Typhoon augmentation, even if you’re doing a pacifist-style play. Use it 2-3 times and it’s pretty much a “End Boss Fight nao plz” button.

      Otherwise, agreed on the game! Dialogue “combat” + sneaking around fights = yay!

      • Momiji says:

        Thank you, that actually helped a lot. I used it in the 2nd boss fight and it was over in no time! :D

  17. prezzey says:

    I played two hours of To the Moon and I found it extremely disappointing. I’ll probably finish it this weekend just to be able to discuss it at length ;] , but I’m not looking forward to it.

    Possible spoiler:

    It has probably the most hamfisted fictional depiction of Asperger’s I’ve ever come across… also, apparently Asperger’s is a taboo word or something, the way they tiptoe around it, with “the condition” and “the syndrome”? Excuse me, but WHAT? Also, will River have any personality beyond oh-she-is-so-broken, or are all my hopes in vain? …Coming to think of it, is this the second “River” character who’s entirely built on being broken? (The other being River Tam from Firefly.)

    I really wish someone warned me about this in advance instead of simply going like “you must play it, you will cry” (how many people told me that, again?). So far I’m not crying, only GNASHING my TEETH.

    • Christina Nordlander says:

      As someone with Asperger’s, that disappoints me. I have no real interest in playing “To the Moon”, but I’ve heard good things about it. Sucks to find out that it’s yet another work that misrepresents Aspergic people.

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