DLC 2013: Your Holiday News Roundup

Whew! I hope everyone’s had a good holiday. Now it’s time to get back to it, though. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) not much in terms of videogame news has happened over the holidays, so we haven’t missed too much.


  • There weren’t any big releases in the past two or so weeks, but here’s a handy partial calendar of 2013‘s big upcoming releases. (GameInformer)
  • Well, a game called The War Z (you have one guess as to what it’s about) was released on Steam and then quickly pulled because of controversies such as vague descriptions, suspicious microtransactions, and being very similar to the popular (and free) Arma II mod DayZ. Here’s a summary of the kerfuffle (Kotaku) and an open apology from creator Sergey Titov. (WarZ Forums)
  • Here’s a Minecraft mod that turns creepers into anime girls a la visual novels. (Minecraft Forums) Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez has some interesting thoughts about it.
  • Sony has filed a patent application that could make it so its next home console doesn’t play used games. Such a move could decrease piracy, but would also be a severe blow to retailers like GameStop who trade mainly in used games. Sony’s stock shares have dropped in reaction to the announcement. (Gamasutra)
  • Microsoft says they’re going to make a big Xbox-related announcement at E3 2013. Who doesn’t think they’re finally going to unveil their next-gen console? (Gamerant)
  • Oh and here’s a trailer for the Devil May Cry reboot. What do you guys think? (GameInformer)

Side Quests

  • Gamasutra took a look at just what the hell “mid-core” means anyway. They also polled some designers and Twitterers and got some interesting results.
  • Kim Swift, creator of Portal, wrote a blog post this week in the wake of the #1ReasonWhy movement talking about how the best way to bring diversity into the games industry is to empower  kids to make their own games. And, possibly, exploding lemons.
  • Unwinnable’s Steve Haske writes about experimenting with the world of Dishonored in an article entitled “Abuses of Power.”

Bonus Levels

  • From the comic book world: Gail Simone is back on Batgirl! The super-swell Tumblr blog DCWomenKickingAss has lists of the best and worst of DC Women for 2012.

Extra: Cheats and Hacks

Every gaming blog worth its salt (except this one, natch) has loads of “Best/Worst of 2012″ compilations. I’m kind of over the “Best Game” sort of lists–but some of the other lists are interesting or thought-provoking. Here are some of our favorites:

      • The best games of 2012: A far cry from 2011’s heights (Metacritic)
      • 50 Games that Defined the Year (Gamasutra)
      • Indies met challenges, learned lessons in 2012 (Gamasutra)
      • “Someday we’ll be living in the Matrix” and other thoughts from the industry in 2012 (Kotaku)
      • The Best Achievements and Trophies of 2012 (GameInformer)
      • 2012: The Games that Might Have Been (Gameological Society)
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