Mission Statement:

The Border House is a blog that aims to break down cultural and stereotypical walls and cross social borders in virtual worlds, MMO games, video games, and social media through inclusive journalism.

About The Border House:

“The Border House” is a reference to Funcom’s point-and-click adventure game, The Longest Journey.  The game deals with gay characters in a progressive and positive way, and the Border House is a fictional apartment within the game owned by a gay couple.  The idea of living on the edge of a cultural border, of crossing and breaking borders – that’s what we are about here.

The Border House is a blog that celebrates diversity in gaming from a wide variety of cultural angles.  We aim to be a friendly space for women, feminists, people of color, gay, lesbian, transgender individuals, those with disabilities, and any other marginalized group and their allies to read news and opinion on and discuss video games, MMORPGs, virtual worlds, and social media.  Our goal is to provide up to date relevant news and opinion journalism without cultural bias and using a feminist lens.

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Our full discussion policy can be found here at this link.

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We are always interested in talking about how we can work with game developers and publishers.  If you have a promotional opportunity such as beta keys, an interview, review copies of games, or contests, please email us!

Editorial Staff:

Tami “Cuppy” Sigmund – Lead Editor
Alex Raymond – Editor
Gunthera1  – Editor
Quinnae – Editor
Regina “Brinstar” Buenaobra – Consultant


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