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The Border House is run solely through volunteer hours.  All of our editors/moderators have full-time jobs and The Border House is a passionate hobby shared by the authors and the writers here.  We’d love help in the following ways:

Site sponsors: Is your organization looking to help sponsor a site about inclusive gaming?  Would you be interested in supporting our costs and helping us expand in exchange for advertising on our site?  Contact Tami Baribeau and let us know!

Donations: Love the Border House and want to contribute?  We’d love some help with donations, no matter how small.  Donate below!

Game advances/previews: Have a game you’d like previewed or reviewed by The Border House?  Contact our editors and we can work something out.

Graphic artist/web designer: We’d love some help with a new theme for the site and a professional logo.

The Border House wants to grow!  We’d love to make our site THE place for inclusive gaming news and could use some financial support.  We’re looking for assistance so that we can pay for the following:

* Advertising to bring our site to new viewers and grow our community.
* Event passes and travel to bring The Border House to conferences and gaming events
* Merchandise such as clothing and accessories
* A new logo and a fancy new website
* Payments for our authors so that we can grow our number of authors and increase our content output
* The ability to pay for some full time editorial assistance.
* Funding to buy games for our authors to review and preview.
* Site hosting costs (currently minimal, but hopefully will increase as traffic increases)

Contact us for more information!

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