Regular Features

At The Border House, we have a few regular features/columns.

My Commander Shepard: Authors show their versions of Commander Shepard, showing that not everyone is a straight, white, male.

Characters Done Right: Examples of well-written characters in video games.

Casual Fridays: Koipond reviews fun casual games for a light gaming weekend.

Let’s Play: Group gaming sessions where we all play and comment on the same game at the same time.

Game of the Day: Alex posts short blurbs about Interactive Fiction and indie games you may not have heard of. Feel free to submit your work or others’ to editors (at) borderhouseblog (dot) com.

On The Border: A bi-weekly column by Lauren Scott that aims to bring to the forefront the accomplishments of the many talented and accomplished designers, developers, writers, producers, and artists that come from diverse backgrounds in games via compelling and in-depth interviews detailing their work, their history, and their thoughts about relevant subjects.

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