Helpful Resources

Below is a list of selected reading materials that are helpful to understanding the culture here at The Border House.  This is not a comprehensive list of great anti-oppression blogs (of which there are many!), but a collection of mostly 101-geared articles and communities that should be helpful to people new to these topics.

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Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog
Feminism 101 – Melissa McEwan, Shakesville
A woman walks into a rape, uh, bar – Harriet Jacobs, Fugitivus (Why joking about sexual assault is not okay, and why trigger warnings are necessary.)

Privilege and Allies:
“Check my what?” On privilege and what we can do about it – Official Blog
When Allies Fail, Part 1 – Tami, What Tami Said
When Allies Fail, Part 2 – Tami, What Tami Said
Intent! It’s Fucking Magic! – genderbitch at Questioning Transphobia (On why a person’s intent doesn’t matter when it comes to causing harm.)

Racism 101 Livejournal Community
Racism 101 – Resist Racism
Required Reading – The Angry Black Woman
How Not to be Insane When Accused of Racism (A Guide for White People) – Alas, a Blog

White Privilege:
White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack – Peggy McIntosh

Transsexual and Transgender:
Trans Respect/Etiquette/Support 101 – Micah Bazant at the Transgender Livejournal Community
Transgender 101 – Joanne Herman
Not Your Mom’s Trans 101 – Transgression (H/T TalieC)

Sexual Identity:
LGBTIQQAA 101 – University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Pride Center
Sexual Identity and Gender Identity Glossary – Feminism and Women’s Studies
Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)

Genderfork – Genderqueer, gender variant, and androgynous photos and thoughts

Straight Privilege:
Daily effects of straight privilege

101 Category – FWD (feminists with disabilities) for a way forward
Ableist Word Profile Tag – FWD (feminists with disabilities) for a way forward
Able-bodied Privilege : Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack – Amy Kelly
Checklist of Neurotypical Privilege – Bev, Square 8 (H/T Maria)

Middle class privilege:
Middle Class Privilege – Jane Van Galen, Education and Class blog

On “Political Correctness”
The Greatest Cliché: The Unexamined Propaganda of “Political Correctness”
In Defense of Political Correctness – The Angry Black Woman

Intersectionality – The Angry Black Woman
Intersectionality – Yolanda Pierce, The Kitchen Table blog
Intersectionality & Feminism – Anna Carastathis,

Inclusion & Representation in Games:

What We Aren’t Talking About When We Talk About Inclusion & Representation, and What We Are – The Mary Sue