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Postpartum: Mainichi – How Personal Experience Became a Game

This will be a design article on my game Mainichi, aiming to be insight to my thought process during its creation and serve as a guide for others to make games. To get the most out of this, download Mainichi … Continue reading

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Game accessibility guidelines aim to remove barriers

An exciting, free, online resource has launched to help game developers remove barriers and welcome players with cognitive, physical or sensory impairments. The Game Accessibility Guidelines is a comprehensive set of considerations to make sure that a game’s UI and … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Diablo 3: The Irony of Accessible Ableism

The following is a guest post from Static Nonsense: Static Nonsense is the alias of a group of nonwhite, disabled queer trans folk who spend much of their spare time gaming and lounging on the tubes of the internets in … Continue reading

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Legend of Grimrock and Accessibility

Via my Twitter feed, a bit of good news. A recent development update for indie dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock changed the GUI for the game to remove the bar at the bottom of the screen that contained items, character … Continue reading

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What Would You Like to See in a ‘The Border House’ Podcast?

Kind followers of The Border House (TBH), we have some exciting news! Writers of TBH are looking to create a regular series of podcasts that resonate with the topics and values this blog stands for. We plan further establishing a … Continue reading

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Subtitles During Cut Scenes

My video game genre of choice is role playing games. Many of these have detailed cut scenes that tell the story of the game as you progress through the experience. Unfortunately,  in a number of games that I have recently … Continue reading

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Game difficulty settings

Some video games are known for their brutal difficulty. Roguelike games often reward death by having the player lose all experience and items. Atlus’ recent game Demon’s Souls had death mean the player went back to the start of a … Continue reading

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Console Gaming: In-Game Text Size

In a previous post I discussed the issue of text size in console interfaces. But gaming accessibility does not end at the interface screen. In-game text size can be a large barrier for visually impaired gamers.  AbleGamers recently named Dragon … Continue reading

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Console interface text size

Text size in console games can be a huge issue for visually impaired individuals. The ideal situation would be options that allow for larger text or icons to make the interface more accessible to gamers. So, how are the Nintendo … Continue reading

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Interview with Mark Barlet of AbleGamers.com

AbleGamers.com is a site that evaluates the accessibility of games, reviewing them based on how playable they are for gamers with disabilities. It is a unique resource for both game players and developers, and one that is likely to be … Continue reading

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