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DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Gameplay Series — E3 Demo & Transcription, Part One

Below is the accompanying transcript for Mike Laidlaw’s commentary. Ambient dialogue is present, but is not included.

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Gender Neutral Cover Art

Cover art for the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition features a fully armored character as viewed from behind. The gender of this character is not telegraphed because of this artistic choice.  The original game and expansion pack, Dragon Age: Origins and … Continue reading

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Missing the Point? An Examination of Reaction to Newtown

The following is a guest post from Dakin “Chilly” Lecakes: Chilly has been playing videogames since their beginning as a commercial product.  He has a longtime perspective on gaming and tries to add a voice of sanity to the diverse … Continue reading

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Weekly DLC: News Roundup

This week, the gun violence debate continues as industry folks and enthusiasts alike wonder how and when to participate in national policy discussions. We’ve also got some Gabe Newell, a retrospective on a weird Star Trek episode about virtual reality … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Old Republic and Same Gender Romance

Players of the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic will soon see a long awaited option available to them in game: same gender romance! This has been discussed for awhile (see our January 2012 review of the game) but we … Continue reading

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Omega: Writing one of Mass Effect’s wrongs

I’ve written here before criticising Bioware for only featuring male Turians in their Mass Effect series. As a quick reminder, Bioware essentially didn’t include female Turians because they had no idea how to denote female characters other than by adding … Continue reading

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A Glimpse into BioWare: An Interview with Ann Lemay

I am extremely pleased to present an interview with BioWare writer Ann Lemay. Thank you both Ann and BioWare for allowing us the opportunity to conduct this interview. It was wonderful to get a closer look at the writing process … Continue reading

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Dragon Age 3 announcement

The Dragon Age series has been discussed frequently on this site. Today marks an official announcement of the Dragon Age 3 on the BioWare blog. The series has an ever growing set of wonderfully rich characters and we look forward … Continue reading

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Same Sex Romance and Mass Effect 3

Though rare, same sex romance options are not new to video games. We have seen them Jade Empire, The Sims, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the Dragon Age series. But lately, BioWare has had some shining moments in this … Continue reading

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End Of Line: BioWare Clamps Down on Personal Attacks Against its Staff

During the height of the Jennifer Hepler incident, many readers of ours were quick to talk about a culture endemic among “white cis het men” who dominate certain bastions of geek culture. In the midst of attacks with sexist and … Continue reading

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