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WisCon Panel “Feminism in Gaming 2013”

At the end of last month, Madison, Wisconsin was home to the annual science fiction feminist convention known as WisCon. Gaming has made its way into some of the panels in recent years and the following will be a summary … Continue reading

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Heroines in Dota 2

The following is a guest post from Max Seidman: Max Seidman is a game designer at Tiltfactor, a game design and research lab located at Dartmouth College dedicated to developing games for meaningful social change. He posts design philosophy and game concepts … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Crown — Basically ‘Boobs & Butts: The Game’

Sometimes, you see an artistic interpretation of anatomy that just defies all expectations.  One that makes you wish that everyone else on the internet could experience it along with you.  Today that title is Dragon’s Crown, an upcoming 2D “multiplayer … Continue reading

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No Excuses: It’s Time for More Female Protagonists

If the game design of 2009’s Velvet Assassin were half as interesting as its history, I might be able to bring myself to play beyond the first mission. Velvet Assassin is loosely based on the story of Violette Szabo, a … Continue reading

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Presented Without Commentary: Planetside 2 models stand more feminine now

Sony Online Entertainment’s Planetside 2 shooter game just updated their female character models to stand a little ‘more feminine’.  For commentary, check out this thread on the GirlGamers subreddit. Do any of our readers play this game?  How do you … Continue reading

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League of Legends’ new badass female ranger Quinn

I have talked here before about how I much I am a fan of Sr. Concept Artist for Riot Games, IronStylus.  He has shown that he acknowledges the many character design fails in League of Legends, and has a personal … Continue reading

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League of Legends to remove pole dancing from Xmas Katarina skin

Riot Games has released their new set of exclusive holiday champion skins on the Public Beta Realm this week, and it included a special Christmas Katarina skin.  Katarina is an assassin, one of the more iconic and most-cosplayed champions within … Continue reading

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Gaslamp Games and the saga of continuing awesomeness

You all remember Dungeons of Dredmor, right? And you remember how its developer, Gaslamp Games, was pretty awesome? I’m happy to report that they seem to be at it again. In a recent blog post, they talk about their attitude … Continue reading

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Omega: Writing one of Mass Effect’s wrongs

I’ve written here before criticising Bioware for only featuring male Turians in their Mass Effect series. As a quick reminder, Bioware essentially didn’t include female Turians because they had no idea how to denote female characters other than by adding … Continue reading

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Dad of the Year Changes Pronouns in The Wind Waker for his Daughter

Mike Hoye has been playing through The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker with his daughter Maya and got tired of making the pronoun translations on the fly while reading the game’s text aloud to her.  This was the motivation … Continue reading

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