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Lara Croft, Bravery, and Humanity

The following is a guest post from Daniel Bullard-Bates: Daniel Bullard-Bates is a feminist and an ally with a degree in religious studies. He works at the American Civil Liberties Union and writes fiction when he isn’t playing video games … Continue reading

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The Longest Journey and Dreamfall

Writing about the game that gave this site its name feels a bit like smugly opening a discussion about science fiction with “Did you know that Blade Runner is kind of a big deal?” But with creator Ragnar Tørnquist’s new … Continue reading

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Immoral Women: Why We Need More of Them

  One of the most irksome things I hear when I make arguments for ‘good/positive portrayals’ of characters from traditionally marginalised backgrounds is that my interlocutors immediately assume I’m calling for portrayals of moral paragons. They seem to think I’m … Continue reading

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Into the Snows of Yesteryear: A Review of B. Sokal’s Syberia

Adventure games always held a special sort of promise for me; they were a respite from the usual childhood fare of platformers and shoot-em-ups. Fun as those could be in their own right it was wonderful to play a genre … Continue reading

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Characters Done Right – Aveline

Memorable characters have unique motivations, stories, and personalities. Video games often have ensemble casts with the individual party members simply serving the main character’s interests. As a healer, damage dealer, or thief they are there to compliment the gameplay style … Continue reading

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Characters Done Right: Scarlett of Scarlett and the Spark of Life

by guest contributor Kirk Hamilton Kirk Hamilton is a white, straight cisgender male writer, musician and jazz educator in San Francisco. He is the founder of Gamer Melodico and is currently the games editor at Paste Magazine, where he makes … Continue reading

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Characters Done Right: Kreia of Knights of the Old Republic 2

Spoiler Alert and Appropriately Long Explanation: There is no way I can talk about this character in any substantive manner without completely spoiling Knights of the Old Republic 2. It’s really just impossible without being so vague as to be … Continue reading

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Characters Done Right: The Honeywells

Far too often characters in video games are completely one dimensional: the helpless female white mage or the burly male protagonist with a huge sword. When breaking from tropes, simply making a healer be a male character or a warrior … Continue reading

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Characters Done Right (Retro Edition): Alpha Centauri

One of my favourite games of all time is Alpha Centauri, by Firaxis. To a large extent, it exists only because of legal wranglings over who held the rights to produce more Civilization games. With the rights uncertain, Sid Meier … Continue reading

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Characters Done Right: BioShock 2’s Grace Holloway

BioShock 2 started off at a slow, plodding pace that made me wonder if I would regret my decision to purchase the game. As many reviews note, it is a game that picks up steam and finishes strongly, in opposition … Continue reading

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