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Wrath of the Gods: Teaching Intersectionality through Bastion

Special thanks to Greg Kasavin, creative director of Supergiant Games for supplying my classroom with educational copies of Bastion. Thanks as well to Damien Prystay who shared his save game data and to Christopher Sawula who graciously reprised his role as my classroom … Continue reading

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Sturgeon’s Law, Taste and RPGMaker

Sturgeon’s Law states that “90% of everything is crud.” If TvTropes is to be believed, there are a number of addendums to the law, such as: “if ever less than 90% of everything is crud than one needs to adjust … Continue reading

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All Skulls On: Teaching Intersectionality through Halo

“Let me just close the door so the other instructors don’t find out I’m letting you play Halo,” I joked to my Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 100 class. I knew I was taking a risk on this teaching activity. I was … Continue reading

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The Longest Journey and Dreamfall

Writing about the game that gave this site its name feels a bit like smugly opening a discussion about science fiction with “Did you know that Blade Runner is kind of a big deal?” But with creator Ragnar Tørnquist’s new … Continue reading

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What is the social class of an adventurer?

A while back, Mattie Brice tweeted a very interesting observation about her play style. She said, “For some reason, I really dislike using items. I usually just sell them.” Adam Flynn then responded with a link to this article, asking “I … Continue reading

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WisCon Panel “Gender and Class in Gaming”

The Shepard/My avatar discussion from WisCon was one of several gaming related panels this year. A section titled “Gender and Class in Gaming” had the following description: This panel uses Dragon Age II, Mass Effect and classic tabletop games as … Continue reading

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NLC Releases Report on Shocking Working Conditions in Xbox Controller Sweatshop

The National Labor Committee, an organisation dedicated to “exposing human and labour rights abuses committed by U.S. companies producing goods in the developing world”, released a report detailing the shocking working conditions at a KYE manufacturing facility. KYE, a Chinese firm, … Continue reading

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Teerah Shepard

  Teerah remembers her parents. This is not what people expect at first. She is a slumrat, one of the dregs. They crawl up from nothing and come to nothing, which is what everyone says and everyone knows. But she … Continue reading

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Hand-me-down Gamers

My brother recently gave me his old Xbox 360.  It got the red-ring of death.  I mailed the console in for repair while he bought a new one.  I’d wanted an Xbox 360, but was intimidated by the cost plus … Continue reading

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