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Kings of Pain: On Gender and Power in Shadow of Mordor

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from veteran game reviewer and critic Carolyn Petit, formerly an editor at GameSpot and who currently writes game-crit at her blog A Game of Me, where this piece is crossposted from. This post … Continue reading

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I’m bored of hearing about your wife

@shayhowe “when I think of cleaning up my code, I think of my wife doing the dishes…” #html5devconf — Chris Smith (@startsequence) October 15, 2012 Almost every time I go to a tech- or gaming-related conference, I hear middle-aged white … Continue reading

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Ad Copy Done Wrong: BTO Online’s sexism, racism, & classism

Wundergeek is a straight, cis white woman who recently was asked to write an article about sexism in gaming and found she couldn’t shut up about in once the article was done. She’s since started Go Make Me a Sandwich, a blog … Continue reading

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Facebook games and the privileged people who oppose them

[Trigger warning for fat shaming, ableist slurs, class privilege, also general warning for thought rambling]   A long article was released yesterday in the San Francisco Chronicle about FarmVille game developer Zynga, claiming that the company is one of the largest … Continue reading

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