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Gaslamp Games and the saga of continuing awesomeness

You all remember Dungeons of Dredmor, right? And you remember how its developer, Gaslamp Games, was pretty awesome?

I’m happy to report that they seem to be at it again. In a recent blog post, they talk about their attitude towards featuring characters of different races in their upcoming game, Clockwork Empires. Here’s the money quote:

We feel it’s important to have people of all colours in the game, basically. I’m not going to get into the exceedingly grim history of 19th century colonialism here, but I assure you we’ve had a lot of internal discussions about how we can possibly approach making a game vaguely based on the Victorian era without being ridiculously offensive.

Honestly, I don’t envy them having to make those sorts of decisions, because they’re certainly not trivial to make. (I am reminded of how Failbetter Games approached the same issue for Echo Bazaar but seemingly reached different concusions.)

What I don’t expect is for Gaslamp to suddenly find a solution that will be perfect in every respect. I highly doubt such a solution even exists. What I do expect is for them to give it their best shot, and for it to be a whole lot better than if they didn’t even bother trying to address it.

It’s very gratifying to see at least one developer continue to take this sort of issue seriously.