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Style Savvy’s Fashion Limitations

I’ve borrowed a 3DS and have been playing Style Savvy: Trendsetters, the sequel to the 2009 DS game Style Savvy. They are both fashion games that are part business sim: players take on the role of a manager of a … Continue reading

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The Type of Woman I Want Others to See: Why I Wore Heels to PAX East

It was probably 40 degrees American and windy. Being from South Florida, I tend to lose track of how different the temperature feels after I get goosebumps on my knees. I spent my first night in Boston clinging to the … Continue reading

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Style Savvy’s Most Glaring Issue

I played and finished Style Savvy earlier this year, and I kind of loved it. If you’re unfamiliar, it is Nintendo’s aggressively-marketed fashion game for the DS where you play as a stylist and boutique manager. You buy clothes to … Continue reading

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Why The Border House has a need to exist

When we first launched The Border House just over a week ago, I posted to the wow_ladies LiveJournal community about its existence.  Being that the wow_ladies group is all female WoW gamers, some of whom identify as feminist –  I … Continue reading

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High heels and female warriors

When going into battle  one must be prepared.  The best weapons available must be purchased or found. The best armor should be equipped.  All spells and techniques must be mastered. Then why is it then when I look at my … Continue reading

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