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Feminists in Games Workshop 2013

From left to right: Rachelle Abelar (of Geek Girl Con), Samantha, Quinnae, Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency) and Mitu Khandaker (DearAda and TheTiniestShark).

From left to right: Rachelle Abellar (of Geek Girl Con), Samantha, Quinnae, Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency) and Mitu Khandaker (DearAda.com and The Tiniest Shark).

This past weekend (May 31st to June 1st, 2013), Quinnae and I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the 2nd Annual Feminists in Games Workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia at The Centre for Digital Media. This interdisciplinary workshop brings together a wide array of academics, developers, industry professionals and activists who work on feminist issues in games and technology.

This year, we tripled the attendance of the 1st Annual FiG Workshop. The weekend was also a historic occasion in The Border House history as well because it marked the first time Quinnae and I could meet in person. I could dedicate this entire post to describing how much fun it was to hang out with Quinnae in Vancouver but instead I’ll share a brief run-down of the workshop proceedings!

If I had to select one theme of FiG 2013, it would be this: as feminists in games, we are excited about the exponential growth of our movement over the last year but we are also realizing the need to develop new strategies to deal with increasing amounts of resistance and harassment. As feminist scholars, activists, developers and professionals continue to challenge the medium and the culture surrounding it, others seem to be clinging more firmly than ever to conservative traditions of exclusivity. Continue reading

“Isolated Incidents” Timeline And How You Can Help

gtz, cofounder of Fat, Ugly or Slutty, has started creating a timeline of sexism in games incidents. Sardonically titled “Just a few ‘Isolated Incidents’–Gender & Gaming,” the purpose of the timeline is to show that these are not in fact isolated incidents but a repeating pattern that exposes systemic sexism.

The timeline is already stuffed with incidents, many that have me nodding and thinking, “Oh yeah, THAT happened.” And that is just up until April! gtz has asked for help in finishing out the rest of the timeline of 2012. If you are interesting in helping out with this project, tweet @_gtz_ or email gtz@fatuglyorslutty.com. For guidelines and more information, be sure to check out gtz’s explanation on Reddit.

Just a few ‘Isolated Incidents’–Gender & Gaming” — gtz, gbitk.net