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Samus Sings: Talking to Maddy Myers about Peace in Space

“Let’s Players” record themselves talking while they play games; Maddy Myers of Paste Games prefers to sing. Last month, she released her first solo project Peace in Space, a three-song EP written and sung from the perspective of Samus Aran in Super Metroid. As Myers … Continue reading

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I am Woman, Hear Me Gank.

The following is a guest post from Sun Tzu: Tzu is a mixed race gamer who has been involved in the gaming scene since Doom. He enjoys writing about social justice, feminism, a wide variety of game genres, and writing … Continue reading

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“That girl is kicking our asses!”: Tomb Raider’s (Lack of) Gendered Power Plays

The firefights in Tomb Raider are intense and brutal. There are many scenes where Lara is pinned down behind a splintered barrel or crate, shooting and ducking and shooting again at upwards of ten armed enemies, half of whom are … Continue reading

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Naughty Dog Wants to Make (More) Interesting Female Characters

Dave Cook at VG247 has an interesting interview up with developers from Naughty Dog as well as some of the voice and motion capture actors for their upcoming game, The Last of Us. It covers the recently-introduced character of Tess, … Continue reading

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Omega: Writing one of Mass Effect’s wrongs

I’ve written here before criticising Bioware for only featuring male Turians in their Mass Effect series. As a quick reminder, Bioware essentially didn’t include female Turians because they had no idea how to denote female characters other than by adding … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer Trailer Makes Me Cringe

Last week, Ubisoft posted a trailer for the multiplayer mode of upcoming game Assassin’s Creed 3. Predictably, it features whites and Native Americans, both men and women, killing each other with rifles, hammers, daggers and the like. Standard procedure for … Continue reading

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The Treatment of Women in Dishonored

Warning: Minor Dishonored spoilers for mechanics and setting, though not for the plot or main story.  Like many other PC gamers these last couple of weeks, I’ve been spending a bit of time with a new friend Dishonored.  This game … Continue reading

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[WoW] Rescuing Mina Mudclaw from a rape joke

I’ve been slowly wandering through the new World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria.  Cultural appropriation aside, I’ve been quite enjoying myself.  The pace is nice and relaxed, the quests have been charming, the world is beautifully designed with bright … Continue reading

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Magical Diary reviewed – why this game is truly magical

In the interests of full disclosure, this was a free review copy we were sent by indie developer and long-time reader Georgina Bensley, who thought this game would be a good fit for The Border House. There was, however, no … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for Vita to Star a Woman of Color

Because we really need some good news this week: via Joystiq and Nyleveia, a NeoGAF user has posted scans from the most recent issue of Game Informer that has the first details of a companion game to Assassin’s Creed III … Continue reading

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