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Samus Sings: Talking to Maddy Myers about Peace in Space

“Let’s Players” record themselves talking while they play games; Maddy Myers of Paste Games prefers to sing. Last month, she released her first solo project Peace in Space, a three-song EP written and sung from the perspective of Samus Aran in Super Metroid. As Myers … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Discourse: Comment Culture and Petty Hatred

“Still harping on the same subject, you will exclaim—How can I avoid it, when most of the struggle of an eventful life has been occasioned by the oppressed state of my sex: we reason deeply, when we forcibly feel.” — … Continue reading

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WisCon Panel “Feminism in Gaming 2013”

At the end of last month, Madison, Wisconsin was home to the annual science fiction feminist convention known as WisCon. Gaming has made its way into some of the panels in recent years and the following will be a summary … Continue reading

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Game of the Day: How to Speak Atlantean by Porpentine

Porpentine has a new game! This one is about video games and feminism and sex. If you’re reading this, chances are you are into at least one of those things. So play it! If you have made or played an … Continue reading

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“That girl is kicking our asses!”: Tomb Raider’s (Lack of) Gendered Power Plays

The firefights in Tomb Raider are intense and brutal. There are many scenes where Lara is pinned down behind a splintered barrel or crate, shooting and ducking and shooting again at upwards of ten armed enemies, half of whom are … Continue reading

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Watch the First Tropes vs Women in Video Games Video

The first Tropes vs Women in Video Games video is here! It covers the history of the Damsel in Distress trope and the classic games that make use of the trope (over and over and over…). There is a transcript … Continue reading

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The Do It Yourself RPG: An Interview with Game Designer Filamena Young

Filamena Young is a game’s writer with several years of experience in the industry. She’s written for a variety of RPG properties, including White Wolf (she is a co-author of the Vampire the Requiem supplement Strange, Dead Love) Margret Weis … Continue reading

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When Is It Sexist?: A Chart That Doesn’t Get It Quite Right

The following is a guest post by Zaewen: Zaewen is a white, straight, cis woman and avid feminist gamer, with MMOs being her favorite genre. She has a degree in psychology, a Texas accent, and spends most of her free … Continue reading

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I’m Being So Sincere Right Now: Gaming as Hyperreality

When I play certain video games I get the strange feeling of wandering through the weird and lurid landscape of a Dali painting; beholding the familiar, albeit distorted in the strangest of ways. One might expect this. After all, video … Continue reading

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“I’m Your Biggest Fan, I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me”

Anonymity, Privilege, and the Quest for Personal Truth This article will be a rather long one so I beg your forgiveness in advance, but it is a piece of great personal importance to me. The debate it touches on is … Continue reading

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