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Harassment in nerd spaces, and encouraging honesty

by Maddy, originally posted at Metroidpolitan Maddy writes about video games and geek culture for the Boston Phoenix magazine, and she manages their website. In her free time, she plays the keytar and makes cosplays. She is composing a musical … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Ada Lovelace Day Edition

It’s Ada Lovelace Day! If you don’t know, Ada Lovelace Day is a day for celebrating and recognizing women in STEM fields. There ALD website has a directory of articles about women in STEM for today, but there are two … Continue reading

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Why King of Fighters Makes Me Hate Myself

The following is a guest post from Jean-Paul Malone: Jean-Paul Malone is a white, bisexual cis-male from Scotland who has been gaming since the heady days of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k. He likes 2D fighting games a lot, but … Continue reading

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