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Maelstrom – Unscheduled, Inclusive and now with Sponsorship

There is a new gaming convention coming out soon called Maelstrom, April 4th to April 6th. I want to mention it here because as taken from the website this is something that people here would be really interested in as … Continue reading

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Dream Game: The Underground

The following is a guest post from Sun Tzu: Tzu is a mixed race gamer who has been involved in the gaming scene since Doom. He enjoys writing about social justice, feminism, a wide variety of game genres, and writing … Continue reading

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WisCon Panel “Feminism in Gaming 2013”

At the end of last month, Madison, Wisconsin was home to the annual science fiction feminist convention known as WisCon. Gaming has made its way into some of the panels in recent years and the following will be a summary … Continue reading

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Postpartum: Mainichi – How Personal Experience Became a Game

This will be a design article on my game Mainichi, aiming to be insight to my thought process during its creation and serve as a guide for others to make games. To get the most out of this, download Mainichi … Continue reading

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Metatopia 2012 – Panel Schedule

There’s a designer convention coming up next week in Morristown, NJ. It’s called Metatopia, and it’s main focus is to let designers come out and playtest their new games with a wide group of people who are interested in seeing … Continue reading

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Should game developers avoid triggering players’ PTSD?

This post might contain triggers due to discussions of PTSD. It’s nice on a blog like this to be able to see a trigger warning and then make an informed decision about whether or not to read on. Edge magazine … Continue reading

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WisCon Panel “Gender and Class in Gaming”

The Shepard/My avatar discussion from WisCon was one of several gaming related panels this year. A section titled “Gender and Class in Gaming” had the following description: This panel uses Dragon Age II, Mass Effect and classic tabletop games as … Continue reading

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Same Sex Romance and Mass Effect 3

Though rare, same sex romance options are not new to video games. We have seen them Jade Empire, The Sims, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the Dragon Age series. But lately, BioWare has had some shining moments in this … Continue reading

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The Border House Podcast – Interview: Choice of Games Designer Heather Albano

  A first of hopefully many to come, this is TBH Podcast’s answer to the community’s request for experts in the industry to speak on diversity issues. I had an awesome time talking with Heather Albano, designer at Choice of … Continue reading

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Armor Watch

We have written about women’s armor in video games several times. Too often we see characters in plate mail bikinis and high heels. But a Tumblr titled Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor has me looking for some positive examples of … Continue reading

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