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Games Imitating Life: Rape Culture In MMORPGs?

The following is a guest post from J.E. Keep: J.E. Keep, and his partner M. Keep, write romance and erotica, administer their adult forum Darknest (a fantasy erotica site for gamers) and read simply everything. All while playing games and … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2: The Border House Meetup on Crystal Desert

Using our weekly “What Are You Playing?” thread from this week as evidence, a lot of us are currently adventuring in Guild Wars 2. ┬áReader of the Border House, Deviija, recommended that we schedule a meetup in game where we … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2 and the misogynistic bad guys

Guild Wars 2 features five playable races: humans, sylvari, asura, norn, and charr. Each of these races includes an antagonist faction who will fight against the rest of their race, and be one of the enemies of your player character. … Continue reading

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Play With The Border House in Guild Wars 2!

We’ve posted about this before, but now that the early access for preorders has begun and the game will be launching in mere days, here’s another reminder! Many of us at The Border House will be joining up with Praxis, … Continue reading

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Win a Beta Key for Guild Wars 2 Here at The Border House!

  Edit: This contest is now closed. ┬áCongratulations to the winners, who have all been emailed with their keys! Darketower, Josh, Chris, Tyler K, Rillifane, Gralsh Oon, Henry, Skennedy, XvShadow, Hyacinth, Ehsan Kia, Ramenhotep, Primal Zed, 3Jane, chooseareality, DystopianGibberish, Richard, … Continue reading

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One Pixel Among Many: An Interview with Angel McCoy, Part 2

The first part of this interview talked specifically about the Sylvari race in Guild Wars 2 and what goes into constructing a fantasy world from scratch. The second and final part of our talk centred on the role of the … Continue reading

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Imagine All the People: An Interview With ArenaNet Writer Angel Leigh McCoy

This past year at Geek Girl Con 2011 I had the distinct pleasure of having lunch with Angel Leigh McCoy, one of the writers at ArenaNet working on Guild Wars 2. Bonding over pizza rarely, if ever, fails and so … Continue reading

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