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Review of Date Warp: Silver Edition

  A girl, Janet, and a boy, Bradley, are on a first date. The car breaks down in an isolated area. There is a mysterious home they walk to, in the rain, so they can get help. Sound familiar? Well, … Continue reading

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Long Live the Queen – Review (PC)

When I was younger, many of the stories I was told were about princesses. According to those stories, princesses needed rescuing, attended lavish balls wearing elegant dresses, and had to get the guy in order to live happily ever after. … Continue reading

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Magical Diary reviewed – why this game is truly magical

In the interests of full disclosure, this was a free review copy we were sent by indie developer and long-time reader Georgina Bensley, who thought this game would be a good fit for The Border House. There was, however, no … Continue reading

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