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Fund the First Six Months of re/Action

re/Action zine–helmed by editors Mattie Brice, Andrea Shubert, and Stephen Winson–launched back in May, and since then, the site has published a lot of high-quality games writing from the margins. Maddy Myers wrote about being Samus, Mattie examined tabletop game Microscope, and Zoya Street wrote about his experiences in the queer games scene as a trans man.

The young site has already spurred change around the gaming internet with Samantha Allen’s Open Letter to Games Media, which provoked responses from Kotaku and other EICs addressed in the letter.

re/Action isn’t just about games writing, either; it has already published a comic and the editors have expressed interest in publishing poetry and games as well.

If re/Action continues in this way, it will be an invaluable source for marginalized voices in games. It will help to move the entire video game community forward to a more inclusive place. But it will only be able to continue with our help. The editors are holding a campaign to fund the first six months of the zine, with which the team will be able to pay their contributors. The details are broken down in detail on the Indiegogo page. Please consider subscribing so that this important work can continue.

re/Action 2013 Fundraiser — Indiegogo

New Media Rights Fundraiser

New Media Rights is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to fund “season two” of their Legal Assistance for Game Developers video series, which will include more videos about legal issues relevant to game developers as well as interviews with people in the game industry. NMR is a non-profit that provides free legal services to independent game developers, film makers, and other creators. In the past, they have assisted Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency when two of her videos were wrongfully taken down from YouTube, for example.

You can watch season one of the LAGD series on YouTube and read more about New Media Rights and their goals at their Indiegogo page.