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Kickstarting Gameplay Anew: Ambrov X’s Promise

Despite spirited opposition that has come to dominate the year’s headlines, there remains ample reason to be hopeful that games will evolve to tell new, more diverse stories, with pathbreaking mechanics undergirding it all. Consider Cincinnati-based game developer Loreful and … Continue reading

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Kickstart This: GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming

GTFO is a documentary project by Shannon Sun-Higginson that seeks to cover the experiences of women in game development, game journalism, and pro-gaming. There are a few things I like about this project. While the phrase “women in games” has … Continue reading

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Kickstart This – Delver’s Drop

At PAX Prime 2012, I played a short demo of Delver’s Drop. At that time, the demo was a few rooms of a dungeon, but I was impressed with the fluid movement and physics-based interactions between the character and the … Continue reading

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FYI: Dreamfall Chapters is on Kickstarter

Ragnar Tørnquist’s new studio, Red Thread Games, launched their Kickstarter campaign for Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey today. Chapters is the long-awaited third game in The Longest Journey adventure game series, from which this blog takes its name. The series … Continue reading

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iBeg and the Challenges Facing Activist Games

Patricia Hernandez has an in-depth article on Kotaku today examining iBeg, a game that seeks to raise awareness about homelessness, and the broader challenges facing games for change in general. She begins by looking at iBeg‘s Kickstarter campaign and describing … Continue reading

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The Border House Podcast – Episode 8: Kickstarter and Crowd Funded Games

We recorded a podcast about Kickstarter/crowd funded games awhile back and I neglected to put it up on the site right away. I apologize to everyone for that oversight. The audio quality of this one isn’t ideal but the enthusiastic … Continue reading

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How to be transphobic, the Alpha Colony Kickstarter way

  Danielle Bunten Berry was one of the more influential video gaming pioneers in our industry.  The designer and programmer was known for her work on titles that were always ahead of their time, such as M.U.L.E., The Seven Cities of … Continue reading

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This Week In Harassment

Friend of the blog Anita Sarkeesian of the awesome Feminist Frequency is the latest target of a harassment campaign by misogynist gamers. She has written about the wave of harassment she has received via KickStarter, YouTube, and the vandalizing of … Continue reading

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Signal Boosting: Bhaloidam

This entry was originally posted at Deirdra Kiai Productions. My good friend Corvus Elrod has a project on Kickstarter at the moment, seeking funding for his fabulous tabletop roleplaying system. Called “Bhaloidam”, which aptly derives from the Proto-Indo-European words for … Continue reading

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Heartbreak & Heroines: Feminist RPG Kickstarter project

Edit: It has come to my attention that a post has come out declaring that the starter of this project, Caoime, is someone who has sexually molested a transgender man.  At this point, it is probably best that you read … Continue reading

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