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iBeg and the Challenges Facing Activist Games

Patricia Hernandez has an in-depth article on Kotaku today examining iBeg, a game that seeks to raise awareness about homelessness, and the broader challenges facing games for change in general. She begins by looking at iBeg‘s Kickstarter campaign and describing … Continue reading

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Former Stardock Employee Suing CEO for Sexual Harassment

Earlier today, Kate Cox at Kotaku broke the story of a former Stardock employee suing the company’s CEO, Brad Wardell, for sexual harassment. Last month, Stardock filed a lawsuit against the former employee, Alexandra Miseta, for allegedly deleting marketing materials … Continue reading

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Lara Croft Reboot Link Roundup

Trigger warnings: discussions of rape. I quickly wrote my post last week, Lara Croft Reboot: Vulnerability Galore!, in order to make a quick assessment of the new Tomb Raider trailer and now widely sited Kotaku E3 interview with the game’s … Continue reading

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How Not to Write About a Transgendered Person

The following is a guest post from Anna Anthropy: Anna Anthropy is a white transwoman, game designer, critic and sadist, a classic dyke in the “Elizabeth Bathory” mode. Did you know her first book is coming out in March? Now you do, … Continue reading

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Three Things: Analogue, PAX East Meetup, Kotaku News

Three things that may be of interest to Border House readers: Firstly, Christine Love’s latest game, Analogue: A Hate Story is now available here! You may recall that her last game, don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Mattie’s at Kotaku Edition

Readers, as part of an ongoing conversation with the editorship at Kotaku, author Mattie Brice has a guest post there today about why Kotaku is unwelcoming to marginalized gamers. There is only a wrong way to go about this. So … Continue reading

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The Border House Podcast – Episode 4: Diversity in a Strange Land

  The new The Border House podcast is up! Rather timely indeed, as we talked about the recent inclusion of progressive material at Kotaku and used the opportunity to talk about the relationship between writer, community, and indenity. Discussion about … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Kotaku’s Joel Johnson

I just finished reading your article on Kotaku, “The Equal Opportunity Perversion of Kotaku,” a lengthier response than the one you gave me previously. In case you don’t recognize me, we had a conversation on Twitter about Dan Bruno’s recanting … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Sexism Bingo, EDs in geek culture, and more

  Geek Feminism has posted a Sexism in Games bingo card made by @fireholly99 that is a must read.  I will definitely be saving this one to whip out in the future! [Trigger Warning: Disordered eating, bulemia] In an amazing, thought-provoking and powerfully … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: the Women of Gears 3, the Case for a FemShep Movie, Sexism in Arkham City

There have been a lot of good posts and discussions relevant to The Border House this week, but here are three that I read that all deal with female characters and how they are treated by the games they are … Continue reading

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