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League of Legends’ new badass female ranger Quinn

I have talked here before about how I much I am a fan of Sr. Concept Artist for Riot Games, IronStylus.  He has shown that he acknowledges the many character design fails in League of Legends, and has a personal … Continue reading

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Why do you think you know that Taric is gay?

This week, there has been discussion about whether League of Legends character Taric should come out of the closet as a gay man (by Todd Harper, Patricia Hernandez, and Kristin Bezio). It is argued that having a character be openly gay, rather … Continue reading

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League of Legends to remove pole dancing from Xmas Katarina skin

Riot Games has released their new set of exclusive holiday champion skins on the Public Beta Realm this week, and it included a special Christmas Katarina skin.  Katarina is an assassin, one of the more iconic and most-cosplayed champions within … Continue reading

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Riot Games confronts their problematic female character design

League of Legends is just about everywhere nowadays and the e-sports phenomenon is becoming bigger and more legitimate with every tournament.  We’ve been critical of the game in the past, but only because we’ve had some pretty devoted League of … Continue reading

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Why can’t we all just play nice?

  I’m relatively new to the concept of esports, games that feature professionally ranked teams who make a living out of competing in tournaments for large prizes.  In fact, I’m actually a spring chicken when it comes to competitive games … Continue reading

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On being the “face of the community” while female

  Being a woman in the game industry in a player-facing role can be absolutely terrifying.  The second players realize what you look like, you’re overwhelmed with comments from people criticizing you for your looks or complimenting you on how … Continue reading

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Evolution Made Me Do It: Art and Gender in League of Legends

  There are times when League of Legends really lives up to its acronym, I’m afraid. A close friend of mine who plays the game drew my attention to a forum thread where a male gamer complained about the oversexualised … Continue reading

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League of Legends: SO MUCH character design fail

Wundergeek is a straight, cis white woman who recently was asked to write an article about sexism in gaming and found she couldn’t shut up about it once the article was done. She’s since started Go Make Me a Sandwich, a … Continue reading

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