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Nintendo’s “Tomodachi Life” Decision IS Social Commentary

Nintendo’s recent statement regarding the lack of same sex romance options in their game Tomodachi Life has been making waves. Tomodachi Life is a life simulator game on the 3DS. It allows players to create Miis that interact with other … Continue reading

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Amber Scott’s Sword of Burning Gold: Inclusion in an Incursion

What is staggering about much that passes under the banner of “fantasy” is how decidedly narrow its escapist vision tends to be. In both fantasy and sci-fi, far from transcending the fetters of real world limitations, we see our own … Continue reading

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IF Game of the Day: What’s in a Name? by Gaming Pixie

Check out What’s in a Name?, by Gaming Pixie, which is about her experience of coming out as bisexual. As she describes it, it’s “probably not quite what you’d expect.” (Please note it describes biphobic comments.) If you have made … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Old Republic and Same Gender Romance

Players of the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic will soon see a long awaited option available to them in game: same gender romance! This has been discussed for awhile (see our January 2012 review of the game) but we … Continue reading

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Same Sex Romance and Mass Effect 3

Though rare, same sex romance options are not new to video games. We have seen them Jade Empire, The Sims, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the Dragon Age series. But lately, BioWare has had some shining moments in this … Continue reading

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Three Things: Analogue, PAX East Meetup, Kotaku News

Three things that may be of interest to Border House readers: Firstly, Christine Love’s latest game, Analogue: A Hate Story is now available here! You may recall that her last game, don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your … Continue reading

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EA Employees: It Gets Better

The “It Gets Better” campaign has had its fair share of critiques and attempts at constructive criticism. At the same time, the videos it has produced often have the effect of leaving me very teary-eyed. Therefore, while I will still … Continue reading

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Gay (But Not “Gay”) Characters in Video Games

by guest contributor Robert Yang, originally posted at Radiator Design Blog Robert Yang is currently an MFA student studying “Design and Technology” at Parsons, The New School for Design. If he’s famous for anything, it’s probably for his artsy-fartsy Half-Life … Continue reading

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A guide to gay characters in World of Warcraft

Disclaimer: There are no confirmed cases of gay characters by the World of Warcraft developers.  Most of these are either Belligerent Sexual Tension, wishful thinking, or a little bit of both.  Regardless, it’s fun to imagine that Azeroth isn’t completely … Continue reading

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What tale will you create for your Prince or Princess?

EA recently announced a new title coming to the Sims line-up : The Sims Medieval. Not much has been revealed about the game. We do know that there will be quests and many possible roles to play: kings, queens, blacksmiths, … Continue reading

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